While some speak to the camera, there are few who directly talk to the audience through the screens. We are speaking of Kareema Barry, who almost looks into our soul while delivering a punchline because she exactly knows what to say that will get us ROFL. The ‘girl bestie no boyfriend should ever have’ Kareema Barry is the internet sensation we thank the internet for daily. If she can do this to you through the screens, imagine the laugh IRL. Well, no need to run the imagination horses as Kareema Barry is all ready to get you howling at the Social Nation Festival 2024.

Kareema Barry live at Social Nation Festival 2024

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Kareema Barry AKA the Laughter Machine

Kareema Barry AKA the chalta firta laughter machine can make a joke out of almost anything, we seriously mean anything. After making her presence felt through the confines of social media, Kareema also proved her versatility as an entertainer through her roles in 2 acclaimed series- Masaba Masaba and Girls Hostel.  

Be it the rich aunty or the convent school teacher, each of Kareema’s comedy sketches are a laughter riot. Her on point observation skills coupled with her hilarious writing is a laughter bomb. If you have enjoyed Kareema’s videos as much as we do, its now time to take the laughter on the next level at the Social Nation Festival 2024, where she is all set to unleash her unfiltered comedy.

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Social Nation Festival 2024

With an array of exceptional artists slated to grace the stage, the upcoming Social Nation Festival Mumbai 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience. The two-day extravaganza to be held at the Jio World Garden, Mumbai will be a celebration of both fans and creators alike. As we eagerly anticipate Kareema Barry’s presence at the Social Nation Festival 2024, we can’t help but marvel at the laughter and joy she brings with her presence.

From interactive sessions to captivating performances, the Social Nation festival 2024 is ready to exceed all expectations. If you did not buy the Social Nation Festival tickets online already, buy them now at ZomatoLive to enjoy the opportunity to meet all of your favourite creators under the same roof.