Kanishk Anand is a social media star and a fashion influencer who has successfully carved out a niche for himself in the men’s fashion industry. For everyday style inspiration, he is the ideal male fashion blogger to follow!

We’re completely in awe of his fashion sense. He has to be among the top male fashion bloggers in India as his style speaks volumes when it comes to trending looks.

In order to be successful as a male influencer, one needs to be real and relatable to their audience, and Kanishk successfully checks off all the above-mentioned parameters. He provides fashion value, helps revolutionize urban style, and his flawless fashion sense completely strikes everyone.

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He has a 49K+ strong Instagram following and a YouTube channel, Kanishk Anand, where he gives everyone a fun, unfiltered insight into his life, and everyone adores him for this. What stands out are the subtle, street-style-inspired finishing touches he adds to keep the overall outfit on point.

Today’s fashion is beginning to blur the barriers between the sexes, and male fashion is becoming bolder and more distinctive in its own right.

Similarly, he enjoys experimenting with new looks and grabs to feature more vibrant colors and intriguing designs, and he educates the audience on men’s wardrobes and grooming.

So let me introduce you to this man, who is well-known for his wildest fashion explorations, for being the king of IDGAF, and for being the CEO of men’s fashion influencers. You can upgrade your wardrobe with these reels!

GRWM for a museum date!

Enjoy some upcoming outfit inspiration!

Budget Clothing!

So, these were a few of the top fashion Reels that wow’ed online users. I hope you all loved them and were motivated to raise your level of fashion sense!