They say one needs no occasion to talk about certain personalities. Social Media star Siddharth Batra is one of them. He is popular for his funkiest fashion stints, being at his experimental best, king of IDGAF, and CEO of male fashion influencers.

Taking a trip down the memory lane in Siddharth’s earlier life, we found that he completed his graduation and started his career as a freelancer in Mensxp as a Style Editor. His #GuyBeauty series on Instagram has been making waves on social media for smashing stereotypes where he promotes men normalizing makeup, body hair, and skincare.

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Siddharth Batra, through his content, has been an active contributor in taking steps towards promoting beauty as a gender-neutral activity. Those who think makeup is just a woman’s thing need to have a look at inspiring talks by Siddharth who is paving a way for metrosexuality.

Fashion is becoming more gender-neutral by the day when clothes don’t define gender anymore, Siddharth is here to break all stereotypes. Styling leather jackets to crop-tops, wearing necklaces, earrings, or painting his nails he never fails to prove that nothing defines how manly a man can be.

Here’s a video of him draping a saree and flaunting his corset –

He encourages men to learn to use basic beauty products as tools for self-care. His off-beat makeup expresses his masculinity and is a great inspiration for encouraging his followers to embrace their true personalities without the fear of getting judged.

Siddharth and his girlfriend, Komal Pandey a duo everyone is familiar with, are a true definition of a Power Couple. The couple together strongly express their creativity and you can never just get enough of it.

Siddharth and Komal always giving us major #CoupleGoals –

He has a Youtube Channel – Siddharth where you can see rule-wrecking content and gives a surprise factor with his unique styling and fashion tips on his channel. Where he does fun challenges with BFF/Love of her life Komal Pandey.

Siddharth offers a younger, hippier, more urban perspective on men’s lifestyle and would be your go-to source for unique content that revolves around music, drinks, travel, and undeniable men’s fashion.