India is well known for its fashion globally, and in turn, has become a birthplace for many incredible fashion influencers. Varun Agrawal is popularly known for his Handle settlesubtle a guy who is not afraid to try new trends, print combinations, or funky accessories, and adding to the list of his achievement the holder of Cosmo Lifestyle Influencer of the Year ‘20-21.

As the name suggests, this account showcases men’s street style but nevertheless brings a subtle touch. It’s no wonder why Varun loves to play around and experiment with the colors, silhouettes, and styles. He has a fashion vibe that can’t be matched whether it’s a casual fit or a high street style fashion, he aces them all like a pro.

Fashion on Instagram hits differently and fashion Influencer Varun has undoubtedly dominated the fashion world. As a result, we get to see some amazing male fashion content on his profile grid sharing inspiration with millions around the world.

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The aesthetics of his feed is so on point that it would make any fashion lover hit that follows button instantly. He remains one of the very first OGs in the fashion industry on whose styling everyone has been drooling for years now!

Varun is one of the most stylish male fashion content creators in India. He is an inspiration to all the upcoming micro-influencers that they can still make their way. There is a reason why he is one of the top macro-influencers in the country. 

He has made us all believe how effortlessly you can style yourself. His outfit without fail will capture your attention with his rice and captivate style and blessed with a radiant smile and down-to-earth personality.

And he has amassed a great followers count and everyone is always beyond excited to see what his fresh perspectives would bring to the table. He shares a section where he resolves all the unanswered questions in the men grooming section such as grooming tips, skincare tips, and styling tips.

Varun is a must-follow if looking for some fresh feeling, dope, aesthetic, and relaxed content. Trust him to upgrade your styling in no time.