This is surely the era for up-and-coming independent artists to shine. One such mindblowing musician is Justh. The Internet is a bizarre place. One day it could just decide to pick your work and make it viral. Something similar happened to Justh when his single titled “Chor” ended up trending across Instagram.

Meri Jeet bhi leja, meri haar bhi leja, mera gham bhi leja, har zakham bhi leja“. If you can’t stop humming these lyrics, you know you’ve been bitten by the ‘Chor‘ song bug. The song’s virality has reached actors, creators and the general audience alike. Richa Chadha shared a clip of the song and wrote, “Fell in love with this unhurried, beautiful, soulful song by @i.justh! चोर! लेजा मेरा जो भी दिखे, जो ना दिखे वो भी लेजा! listen, enjoy, reflect!”

Know The Singer

Justh is an independent singer-songwriter creating original Hindi songs. A Chartered Accountant by qualification, he was initially working with KPMG as an auditor. However, his interest in melodies and poetry led him to the mystical territory of music. Justh intends to create unique and fresh melodies with poetic lyricism as its backbone.

Singing his originals in 12 different cities, the independent artiste says that his songs reflect him and his personality. His previous work includes Teri Ore, Dhoondta Hai, Tum, and Main Yeh Bhi Nahi Jaanta – all of which are available on his YouTube channel. What’s interesting to know is that Justh neither learned music before nor knew how to play any musical instrument.

When asked about the story behind his name in an interview with TOI, he shared “It is the name I gave to myself two-and-a-half years ago. .‘Justh’ means ‘in a state of love and energy’ and this transformation happened when I realised that I was meant for music.” He’s been in the music scene as an indie artist for over 5 years now.

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How He Looks At The World Of Music

My songs talk about my journey and dreams and there is an amalgamation of humour, art, poetry, storytelling, philosophy, spirituality… each element is important because they complement each other to bring out the output” said the singer.

My music comes from a space of deep-rooted soul emotions. I really value my audience and make sure they get an absolutely unique experience that stays with them for a long time” added Justh. He has travelled far with his music and performed at various venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York, including a national tour for Motojojo.

Over the years, Justh has been performing all over India at venues such as The Habitat, Bandcamp, Prithvi Theatre, Hive, Cuckoo Club, The Finch and more. He has serenaded large audiences at various college festivals and music festivals like Under 25, Spoken Fest, Tribe Vibe, and Lil Flea, amongst others. Justh also says that he has been offered to sing in the mainstream film industry, but hasn’t accepted offers yet.

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Let’s take you through some of our most liked reels made using Justh’s song:

‘Chor’ Is All Over reels

Justh and our favourite ‘Chor‘ reel is the one posted by a school dance teacher Debopama Mukhopadhyay who is an ardent fan of his musical creations. In the video, her students are seen performing on the song while singing its lyrics. It’s such a cute, adorable, and heartwarming video.

Justh reposted it saying, “This one particular reel has pierced my soul, it has made me so emotional I can’t explain. Bahut touch ho gaya hoon main. Thank you @debopama20 for making this reel and teaching it to these lovely students. I wish a lot of abundance, bliss and prosperity to you and your students.” 

Chor reached the Shayari and PJ Queen Sara Ali Khan as well. Being her quirky self, created a literal yet cute interpretation of the song’s lyrics with her team. She depicted the POV of single girls on Valentine’s Day.

Asif Khan (@theotherelement) depicts the core lyrics of ‘Chor‘ while roaming through the streets of Pune. Every shot fits every lyric perfectly. “Exploring the depths of emotions through ‘Chor’ by JustH. This song weaves a narrative of longing and introspection, resonating with the echoes of stolen moments and untold stories. 🎶” he says.

Lifestyle content creator Jahnvi has her own take on Justh’s beautifully written song. “I think CHOR as Enlightenment. Raat is the state of mind 🌙 Our mind is clear, without any thoughts and there is a meaning of ego as well” she explains in her caption. We love her super expressive ‘sitting choreography’ on the song.

Anchita Singh (@dancewithanchita) created a beautiful hand mudra dance on Justh’s soulful melody. “Nice take on this song or not?” she asked. We believe it’s a stunning interpretation!

Here’s another dance reel we really loved. “What if you literally handed over all your mental, emotional, psychological assets and possessions to someone? Do you think they will be able to handle it ?” asks Eshani Sathe. She goes on to expressively denote the same through her Kathak moves.

Actress Aishwarya Narkar is ever so graceful and this video is further proof. Just look at her enacting the song’s lyrics so elegantly!

Actor, singer, and content creator Muzamil Hussain presented a cover of Justh’s song and boy, isn’t it stunning?

We can’t stop listening to ‘Chor‘ just like the rest of the Internet. The song is available for streaming on all music platforms. Justh has gotten everyone hooked on his single and compelled them to explore his previous works of art. We so look forward to hearing more songs and albums from this super-talented indie artist!