Anticipation for the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2024 is literally keeping us on the edge of our seats. While it prepares for its grand opening on March 22, 2024, we are busy preparing ourselves, and clearing our schedules all just to root for our favourite teams. Although this time feels quite different, we couldn’t help but notice a few shifts in marketing at the IPL. Beyond the boundaries of cricket, it’s become a dynamic blend of sports and innovative marketing. With viewership scaling unprecedented heights, IPL teams are fiercely vying for fan engagement and, let’s say, their loyalty.

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In today’s digital landscape, traditional advertising methods like billboards are losing significance. Instead, teams are harnessing the impact of influencers and brands to forge deeper connections with fans. The focus is squarely on crafting genuine interactions and immersive experiences, ensuring that the excitement resonates both within the stadium and beyond. If you’re anything like us and got yourself thinking about what’s going on with creators posting reels with the cricketers, then this read is for you.

Mumbai Indians

Picture this: You’re casually scrolling through your Instagram, leaving a comment on a Mumbai Indians post, when bam! You get a direct message from none other than Cameron Green, thanking you by name for your support. It’s like being plucked from the crowd and onto the field digitally, right? That’s the bold vision Mumbai Indians and have aimed for. They’re using AI to make fan interactions super personal. From tailored content to immersive experiences, the team did everything to make sure that every fan felt valued. While that is something you would love to experience, there’s more. You can customise and make your jersey through their website. Also have you checked out their previous collaboration with Funcho?

Rajasthan Royals

Previously, we have seen the Rajasthan Royals team collaborate with the cricket enthusiast and influencer, Taran Singh, who is known for his cricket player enactments and dubbing skills. This year is quite different as the team makes a “Pink Promise” to empower women across Rajasthan and India, making cricket not just a game but an opportunity to step in and pay homage to Rajasthan’s essence.

Lucknow Super Giants

Lucknow Super Giants has teamed up with Shubham Gaur, the Instagram sensation known for his hilarious topical comedy. Together, they’re cooking up some side-splitting reels featuring the players. It’s like having a laugh-filled hangout session with your favourite cricketers! This collaboration isn’t just about entertainment; it’s about connecting with fans in a fun and engaging way. So, if you’re up for some laughs and a peek behind the scenes, keep an eye out for those reels; trust us, they are everything to get you in the mood for IPL.

Punjab Kings

This season, Punjab Kings has teamed up with two stand-up comedians, Piyush Sharma and Jasmeet, to bring some extra laughs to the table. They’re joining forces to cook up some hilarious reels starring our players. It’s like mixing comedy gold with cricket action. This collaboration is sure to leave you teared up in laughter.

Royal Challengers Bangalore

oyal Challengers Bangalore has been teaming up with Danish Sait, famously known as Mr. Nags, for quite a while now. You know, that guy who always brings the laughs with his quirky one-liners and puts our cricketers in hilarious, slightly awkward spots with his questions. It’s like adding a whole new dimension of fun to the team! This partnership is all about bringing fans closer to the action in a light-hearted and engaging way. So, if you’re up for some chuckles and a glimpse into the lighter side of cricket, check out Mr. Nags’ antics on RCB’s official YouTube channel.

Delhi Capitals

If you’re a fan of #YehHaiNaiDilli, you already know that the Delhi Capitals have teamed up with Vibhu Varshney, the king of funny reels, to add an extra dose of laughter to the season. His witty creations are just what we need to spice up the excitement, especially considering the one he created to announce Rishabh Pant’s return following his accident in December 2022. With his humorous take on the news, Vibhu’s reels are hitting all the right notes with fans.

Gujarat Titans

The Gujarat Titans’ anthem “Aava De” hasn’t yet left our minds, and we’re sure it’s going to stay on our playlist for long now. While listening to it, we can’t forget their collaboration with Tanvi Shah, a former Indian tennis player they chose for an anchoring role. Being referred to as a ‘GT insider’, her interactions with players and coaches on the team’s YouTube channel have added an irresistible allure to the Gujarat Titans. These behind-the-scenes glimpses are fuelling our desire to dive deeper into the world of the Titans, making us crave more content from the team than ever before.

With all that keeps us hooked on IPL, we take this as a cue to give you time to watch these videos and reels now. We hope you liked this content, and for more such cricket-related information, stay tuned to Social Nation. Also, don’t forget to mention your favourite team in the comment section below.