Fashion Weeks around the world have transcended their traditional boundaries, becoming not just events for industry insiders but also accessible gateways for enthusiasts eager to delve into the world of fashion. India’s renowned Lakme Fashion Week, in collaboration with the Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI), stands as a prime example. With a showcase featuring 100 designers, brands, and industry stakeholders, this five-day extravaganza offers a glimpse into the latest couture magic. What excited us was the presence of our favourite creators at the LFW X FDCI 2024, owning up the runways and the front rows.

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Many creators sizzle at LFW X FDCI 2024

Inclusion of Creators: A Digital Influence

In recent years, Fashion Weeks have embraced the digital era, inviting creators from various genres to participate and utilise their digital platforms to amplify the buzz around the event. This year’s LFW X FDCI was no exception, with numerous creators gracing the ramp alongside established and emerging designers, infusing their influence into the top designs.

Spotlight on Creators: Walking the Ramp

Sushant Divgikar

Decked in gold, Sushant Divgikar mesmerised the audience as the show opener and showstopper for Mohit Rai and Ridhi Bansal’s ITRH collection, ANKH. The fusion of ancient Egyptian motifs with Indian allure captivated audiences, marking a memorable moment on the runway.

Suruj (Glorious Luna)

Making a statement for sustainable fashion, Suruj strutted down the runway for Urvashi Kaur’s collection U’Core, embodying the ethos of eco-consciousness in style. She also carried the beautiful sheer white ensemble for Rahul Mishra in the finale of LFW X FDCI 2024.

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Mallika Dua

Adding to the exuberance of Urvashi Kaur’s collection, The Voices, Mallika Dua epitomised celebration and creativity, honouring 15 years of the designer’s illustrious journey while paying tribute to influential muses.

Sanket Mehta

Showcasing the vibrancy of Indian street brands, Sanket Mehta walked for Four Figr’s at LFW’s ALL YOU CAN STREET show , highlighting the ingenuity and diversity within the fashion landscape.

Many creators including Sanket Mehta sizzle at LFW X FDCI 2024

Unnati, Sukhneet Wadhwa, and Sukhmani Gambhir

Representing Geisha Designs’ collection, The Elemental Symphony, these creators embodied the harmony and beauty inspired by the fundamental elements of nature, Earth Fire Water and Air, highlighting the core of the fashion world and human existence.

Many creators including Unnati sizzle at LFW X FDCI 2024

Sakshi Sindwani

After donning an exclusive Gauri and Nainika ensemble for one of her wedding festivities, Sakshi Sindwani opened the show for Gauri and Nainika in a resplendent dress, symbolising inclusivity and diversity on the runway.

Creators’ Presence: Digital Influence at its Peak

Throughout the event, creators such as Nikhil Khandhari, Riya Jain, Chintan Rachh, Jeet Tailor, Subojeet, Manav Chhabra, Sejal Kumar, and many more made their mark, leveraging their digital presence to escalate the reach and impact of LFW X FDCI.

As Fashion Weeks continue to evolve, the integration of creators from the digital realm adds a new dimension of inclusivity, diversity, and innovation to the runway. Through their unique perspectives and influence, creators not only contribute to the spectacle of couture but also democratise access to the world of high fashion, ensuring that anyone with a passion for style can partake in the excitement and inspiration of these iconic events.