Just a day ago, Instagram’s @Creators shared “Stories School” which are some valuable pointers to grab the audience’s attention. Stories reflect what the creators are up to all the time, which helps the netizens in keeping tabs. From Instagram’s launch till now, there have been a lot of changes in the platform. Integrating stories to adding more features, the ‘gram has been neck-to-neck with the latest digital updates. 

Presenting “Stories School” by Instagram:

Let’s decode the four tips that will help in grabbing the attention of the audience.

Using Captions Sticker

If there’s no audio in your story but you want netizens to notice it, then add elements like editable texts and captions stickers especially. It will make your story more interesting!

Using Animated Text

Bored of using the usual text format? Then opt for animated texts! They’re more fun and eye-catching!

Using Multiple Images

To get bonus points from the netizens, use the technique of multiplying images. For this, you just need to keep on adding photos to your story as if they’re stickers. The use of additional stickers from the sticker stray also catches attention.

Creating Shadow Effect

The best way to impress the audience is to create a shadow effect in your texts. All you need to do is just repeat the exact word or phrase in different colours.

Source: Crowdfire

These were the four tips through which you can create and share exceptional post stories. Hope you learned a great deal from “Stories School”! Btw, have you tried out Instagram ads for your content yet? If not, then check out Instagram Shares How to Turn Your Top-Performing Posts into Ads.