Nikunj Lotia (Nick) the man behind the glorious YouTube channel Be YouNick has shot up in the YouTube world with his hilarious content. Over the years Nick has collaborated with several renowned people across all genres. Ajinkya Rahane, the IPL team Mumbai Indians, Prajakta Koli, Alia Bhatt, Saurabh Ghadge, Karan Sonawane, Viraj Ghelani, RJ Abhinav being a few examples. Nick is one of the leading names in the content creation industry who makes content which is wildly popular across the masses. All of his videos are known for a “twist in the tale” which is a classic Be YouNick trademark and that’s what keeps the audience hooked.
The name Be YouNick is well known to the masses but what isn’t known is the journey behind it. Recently Nikunj got candid about his content creation journey in the YouTube Originals show Creator Spotlight.

Extremely proud of this project which we will all hold close to our hearts ❤️” writes Nikunj in his Instagram post.

Nick has been consistently creating fabulous content across all the social media platforms. In his  YouTube Originals Creator Spotlight, he shared the inside out of his journey right from the first video which was released in 2014. “Moments like these make you feel so good about yourself like you’ve achieved something but apart from that, it’s not really the fame part that keeps me going. I’ve come so far but it would not have been possible without my team. I’m a local from Dombivli who got to where is with the help of his closest friends. My journey was never intentional but it happened to me. For me it’s about acting, writing and producing a video and I’m in love with the process. A minimum of 5-10 % of people in the world love what they do and I’m glad that I am one of them.” says Nick about his digital content journey. 

The video even features his close friends and family who have been with him right from the start and are also well known faces in his videos. In case you haven’t watched the video then watch it now! 

Creator Spotlight: Be YouNick

To Nick. We wish you all the success and growth in the world. May you always bowl us over with your twisty out of the box content and always stand for #NustaChai.
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