Dolly Singh is known to entertain us through her Instagram page. Whilst her content has been satirical, thought-provoking and creative to describe in a few words, here are three Instagram series you need to watch!

1. Words People Cannot Pronounce

Dolly Singh offers us a thoughtful, intelligent and creative way of delivering unconventional thoughts with three episodes in this series and counting. Here she reads the words by perseverance of the characters and, therefore, cannot pronounce the words. The latest of these 3 episodes is my personal favourite, “Words Middle Class Parents Cannot Pronounce.”

2. How Aunties Talk About Sex

With four episodes under her belt, she delivers the episodes in a satirical manner. She plays her mother, aunt, and daughter in the film. The mother asks her daughter to go grab something to bring as a pretence for an adult conversation. As the storey concludes, the daughter arrives with what was required of her, causing awkwardness as she overhears the mother and aunt chatting. My favourite episode is when she returns and joins in the conversation on our country’s non-existent laws against marital rape.

3. If Something was an Aunty

A discussion takes place in this series, which has seven episodes and portrays a thing that can’t talk on one side and Dolly, herself on the other. The dialogues are frequently amusing and entertaining to watch. “If your phone were an aunty,” is my particular favourite. It covers Internet stalking and the phone’s battery running out, with the added twist that whenever aunty’s battery runs out, she asks for Chai (tea) instead of the charger, which I love because that’s how most Indians, including myself, are. A cup of tea is said to cure all ills.

If this woman from Delhi isn’t the most creative in making thought-provoking content, I don’t know who is.