Ever since Instagram introduced its short video format, Instagram Reels. New trends, challenges and music clips keep breaking the internet. Reels have motivated so many people to set foot into the field of creating content with the goal of expressing themselves, if not, then solely for the fun of making short videos.

We know keeping a tab of trendy stuff now is tough (as if it was easy before). With scores of fresh content coming up every minute it is only human to lose track and totally impossible to actually sit down and watch all that there is (if only we could control time). While humanity is busy working on  time travelling, the folks at Instagram have made our job easy by releasing Reel Trends for the Week  in their ‘REELS WEEKLY TRENDS’ post.
Let’s have a look at what’s trending this week:

  • Fingertap Remix: A trend where you use your thumb and third finger to tap rapidly at every music beat, a perfect trend for “rolling in the beat” (pun intended).
    AUDIO: Suffer with me – liue
  • #TALKTOYOURPLANTS: It is never too late to embrace what nature has in store for us and talking to plants never harmed anyone.
    AUDIO: @earthlingdeena
  • #BODY😎: Dressing up feels good doesn’t it? But what’s more important is masking up! That’s what this trend is about, spreading the word on masking up.
    AUDIO: Russ Millions, Tion Wayne – Body
Source: Instagram

Now that you know what’s trending there’s just one thing left to do, Reel it Up!