Larissa D’Sa influences everyone with her travel and lifestyle content on YouTube and Instagram. She began her journey on social media but after 10 years of wait, she’s finally doing what she wanted the most. Currently, she’s the host for the travel show ‘Unwind’ on Travelxp. Her chance came in October 2020 and the first episode which was shot at Rishikesh was aired soon in December 2020.

Larissa has always been the one-woman army type and had only spoken in front of the vlog camera. So, this was a real challenge for her to present a travel show among so many people. But she did it with utmost dedication, and now, she’s the Cosmo Travel Influencer of the Year 20-21. To be honest, she deserves it.  Just have a glance at her Insta feed, you will know travelling is her life.

She has been to various places like Sikkim, Gangtok, Varanasi, Kolkata, Bangalore, Bangkok, SriLanka, Colorado, Istanbul, Dubai, Portugal, Spain, Canada, Thailand, Bali, Abu Dhabi, New York, Manchester, London, Richmond, Key West, Nagaland, Brisbane, Brighton, Maldives, Paris, Scotland, Goa, and many more.

With an energetic personality, she shares her interests with many things like jewelry, ceramics, paintings, workout, books, binge-watching, etc. Larissa is an avid reader of Paulo Coelho’s novels, and a food enthusiast too. She loves to explore and experiment with new things like salsa and surfing. Also, she has been a member of the GoPro Creator Summit.

If you’re thinking that’s all, then you’re so wrong. Not only is she great at creating travel content, but she also has her own brands, namely Beyond Larissa Collectibles and Feliz. Beyond Larissa Collectibles has its page ready, but it’s going to launch soon this summer. It will be a collection of handcrafted jewels. Meanwhile, if you are into cute stationery and home decor, then you check out Feliz, which she began with her best friend Shraddha. “Best friends for over a decade and now business partners, we are a team that believe in having fun in every little thing we do. Things we rave about are art, fashion, design, travel, books, and everything creative under the sun. We welcome new interests and passions every single day, and our formula of an amazing life is turning our passions into careers. Felizland is a place where there is no room for self doubts, limitations or second thoughts on doing what you love to do. Our only aim is to create a platform that inspires the community around us through our culture and products. It’s a curation of events, products, services and a lot of free stuff weekly. (Cuz’ who doesn’t like free stuff?) Welcome to a land of endless possibilities, and opportunities of having ‘FUN DAYS ONLY’ XOXO”, quoted on Feliz’s page.

Larissa and Shraddha

Well, it looks like she enjoys acting too, especially Millie Bobby Brown’s role in Netflix’s ‘Enola Holmes’. Her crossover project was wonderful, and that exact red dress looked so gorgeous on her! It took seven days for the dress to be made. Perfection sure needs time! The shooting was done in South Goa which was great.

Now, let’s shed some light on Larissa’s YouTube channel. She started her YouTube journey on 27th August 2014, and presently she has 526 K subscribers! That’s a huge feat. Mostly, she makes Travel, DIY, Art, Fashion, Beauty, Comedy, and Prank videos. Her most-watched video is ‘PERIOD STRUGGLES EVERY INDIAN GIRL CAN RELATE TO’, which gained over 9 million views and 85 K likes to date. It was posted on 7th February 2018.

She has also appeared in advertisements for brands like Cadbury, Parachute, Bblunt; short films like ‘Wifi: Independence Day Special’ with Sanjay Bhatia, and collaborated with other creators like Be YouNick and Jordindian.

Finally, I’ve one tip to share that Larissa extensively follows, i.e., using Adobe Lightroom to edit pictures. In fact, she uses Presets and has a whole bunch of tutorials on it too, right on the Gram! Being such an inspiring person, she has 589 K followers on Insta and 10.6 K on Twitter. Oh, why are we leaving Facebook out? Currently, she has a total of 517 K followers on her Facebook page.