India’s Best Dancer – Season 3 has showcased an extraordinary group of talented contestants who have taken the stage by storm with their remarkable performances and unbeatable dance moves. Their journey isn’t just limited to the television screen; they have flourished in the digital domain and have also captured the hearts of people worldwide.

With the emergence of social media platforms, these contestants have managed to build a strong online presence, amassing a massive fan following and garnering millions of views and likes on their dance videos. They have effectively utilized platforms to showcase their versatility, share their stories, and connect with fans in real-time and their performances are a testament to their dedication, hard work, and passion for dance. As a result, they have not only ruled the dance floor on the TV show – ‘India’s best dancer’ but have also become global sensations in the virtual world.

India's Best Dancer - Season 3  contestants

Here are our top picks from India’s Best Dancer – Season 3, showcasing their sensational performances:

Anjali Mamgai

Anjali Mamgai is an amazing freestyle dancer who can wow audiences both on stage and off stage! With every electrifying move, she effortlessly surpasses all dance genres, capturing audiences worldwide with her boundless creativity and magnetic stage presence.

Her Instagram page is like a treasure trove of her incredible dance videos that people love to watch as she doesn’t just dance; she pours her emotions into every move, making her performances truly special. She’s become really popular on social media, gathering a big group of fans from around the world and people are drawn to her energetic and unique dance style.

Anjali’s journey as a freestyle dancer is really inspiring as she not only shines on show India’s Best Dancer but also captures hearts online, and her story encourages others who love dancing to follow their passion and express themselves through dance movement.

Aniket Chauhan

Aniket Chauhan is a talented dancer and choreographer who loves to share his dance passion on his social media platforms. On his YouTube channel, you can watch him break some incredible moves and create cool dance routines.

On his platform, you’ll find a mix of dance performances that range from various dance routines, as he’s really good at showing different dance styles. What’s even cooler is that he doesn’t just keep things all about the dance floor he also lets you into his daily life through his vlogs. He gives you a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes with his vlogs.

Aniket Chauhan isn’t just an amazing dancer; he’s also a down-to-earth guy who wants to share his journey with his audience through the show India’s best dancer so, whether you’re a dance lover or just someone who enjoys watching entertaining content, his social media is the place to be.

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Shivanshu Soni

Shivanshu Soni is a remarkable dancer and choreographer renowned for his extraordinary dance abilities and spellbinding performances. His journey into the world of dance began at a tender age, and from there, he embarked himself on a path of artistic exploration.

Fueled by his unwavering passion for dance, he has tirelessly honed his skills over the years, refining his craft and pushing the boundaries of his creativity. His dedication and hard work have translated into a unique dance style that sets him apart from the rest. His performances are a mesmerizing fusion of various dance genres, seamlessly blending contemporary moves with traditional elements, leaving audiences in awe.

As Shivanshu continues to evolve as a dancer and choreographer, his story serves as an inspiration to aspiring dancers who share his passion. With each step he takes, he not only dazzles the stage but also inspires others to follow their dreams, work hard, and create their own unique dance narratives.

Debparna Goswami

Debparna Goswami is a prominent Indian dancer and her Instagram bio beautifully captures her devotion to yoga, signifying its integral role in her life, and with her rich and diverse background, Debparna has proven herself as a true talent and achiever.

Her exceptional prowess extends beyond the world of dance as she proudly holds the title of SGFI Gold Medalist and National Yoga Champion, showcasing her remarkable skills and dedication in the field of yoga. This remarkable achievement reflects her commitment to both physical and mental well-being, as she embraces the art of yoga as a significant part of her life. Her journey is an inspiring testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence in multiple domains.

Debparna Goswami’s story is one of dedication, passion, and the pursuit of holistic well-being in India’s best dance. Her journey is a reminder that through hard work, talent, and a commitment to personal growth, individuals can excel in various disciplines and inspire others to embrace their own passions.

Samarpan Lama

Samarpan Lama is an inspiring individual who uses his artistic expression and dance moves to captivate hearts and minds worldwide. His Instagram profile is a gateway to his creative world, where he shares his talents and passions with a global audience.

As a dancer, Samarpan has a unique ability to convey emotions and stories through his dance movements. His dance performances are a testament to his dedication and artistry, and they leave an unforgettable impact on those who witness them. Through his graceful and dynamic routines, he not only entertains but also connects with his viewers on a deeper level.

His passion for dance, mixed with his willingness to share his life’s moments, creates a vibrant and engaging online presence. As he continues to inspire and connect with people from around the world, Samarpan’s journey serves as a reminder of the power of creativity and the impact it can have on individuals and communities alike.

These talented contestants of India’s Best Dancer are taking dance to unprecedented heights, dazzling audiences with their extraordinary performances, and redefining the art of movement. Their awe-inspiring routines go beyond dance; they create magic and remind us that dreams truly come true through the power of dance.