In a groundbreaking collaboration, Nykaa, the multi-layered consumer-tech company that has redefined India’s beauty and lifestyle industry, has joined forces with BookMyShow, the entertainment giant, to introduce Nykaaland – a first-of-its-kind beauty and lifestyle festival that promises an unparalleled experience for all attendees.

BookMyShow X Nykaa bring Nykaaland

Set to take place on the 4th and 5th of November 2023 at the iconic Royal Western India Turf Club, Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai, Nykaaland is not just an event; it’s an extraordinary journey into the corridors of beauty and fashion, designed to push the boundaries of the beauty industry and redefine our interactions with these domains. Co-produced and promoted by BookMyShow, the live entertainment experiential division of BookMyShow, Nykaaland is set to become a landmark moment in India’s retail landscape.

At the heart of Nykaaland is Nykaa’s profound expertise in curation and its strong brand partnerships. This festival is poised to be a revolutionary step, reimagining the way we perceive and engage with beauty and fashion. The meticulously planned two-day extravaganza will bring together renowned brands, influential figures, and creatives from the world of beauty and fashion, all converging to create a spectacle that has never been witnessed in the country before.

Nykaa partners with BookMyShow for Nykaaland

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Imagine entering a world where the fantastical meets the glamorous – this is the essence of Nykaaland. The festival embodies the concept of Beautycore, a fusion of beauty’s enchantment and fashion’s allure. It’s a place where inspiration knows no bounds, creativity flows freely, and attendees are immersed in a realm reminiscent of Alice’s Wonderland. Nykaaland will serve as the canvas for a captivating showcase, bringing together global favourites, local legends, and hidden gems under one roof. Here, the extraordinary beauty offerings will blend seamlessly with the most exciting selections from Fashion.

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But Nykaaland is not just about products; it’s an experience. Cutting-edge technology interventions, avant-garde product showcases, brand transformations, and innovative avatars will redefine how we interact with brands and the world of beauty and fashion. Leading makeup artists, dermatologists, entrepreneurs, trendsetters, and opinion leaders will converge for thought-provoking discussions on all things beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. It will delight attendees with fashion-centric experiences, enabling them to discover the latest collections and style-forward trends.

BookMyShow Co-produces Nykaaland with Nykaa

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Yet, Nykaaland’s allure extends beyond beauty and fashion. The festival’s programming will incorporate a diverse array of music and entertainment, ensuring there’s something for everyone. It’s an event for the curious, the trendsetters, and the beauty enthusiasts looking to explore cult brands, embrace the latest viral trends, or simply be part of India’s maiden experiential beauty and lifestyle extravaganza.

Anchit Nayar, the Executive Director and CEO of Nykaa Beauty, shared his vision for Nykaaland, stating, “Nykaaland embodies our vision to explore the highest realms of experiential lifestyle retail – bringing together consumers, creators, and communities to celebrate extraordinary brands and experiences.” Owen Roncon, Chief of Business – Live Events at BookMyShow, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the event’s power to empower individuals, inspire self-expression, and revolutionise India’s beauty landscape.

Nykaaland a carnival is brought by Nykaa X BookMyShow


As Nykaaland marks the intersection of entertainment, creativity, and self-expression, it paves the way for a new era in the beauty and lifestyle industry. With the Nykaaland festival, both these giants are laying the foundation for a future where consumers can engage with brands, experiences, and ideas in unprecedented ways. This event is a testament to their dedication to innovation and their commitment to reshaping India’s beauty and lifestyle landscape. As November approaches, anticipation builds for what promises to be an unforgettable weekend that will set the tone for the future of beauty and fashion experiences in India.