The world of sci-fi has enchanted us with their depiction of a futuristic world. Many of us have surely wondered what secrets the universe  has in store for us, wait not universe, but a multiverse! Do aliens exist? Is there life on Mars? Is there another Earth an Earth 2.0? are a few of the plethora of questions floating in our minds. While science continues to dig deeper to unravel the mystery. We’re both surprised and excited to reveal that the visions of the future have given us an Earth 2! Wait hold on…a virtual Earth 2 (not a planet duh!)

A team of developers have developed a one of its kind futuristic game called Earth
Earth 2 is a futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future deeply customized.
Built on MapBox technology. The game features an exact clone of our planet  divided into equal chunks of land that can be bought, owned and sold virtually but with real money. The company believes that Earth 2 is cutting the ribbon for building an exciting future.

The game is believed to be released in a phased manner with phase 1 now live and new phases to be rolled out soon.
As per Earth 2 developers:
Earth 2 will be about people and the virtual representations of places which bring them together. For this reason, we believe it’s critical to be transparent about our goals, plans, and approach with our community and followers from an early stage.