King’s latest bounce ‘Shaamein’ ft. Harjas Harjaayi from the album ‘The Gorilla Bounce’ created an explosion once again. Composed and written by themselves, the track is trending #20 on YouTube. It was premiered on May 20, 2021, and in two days it gained 1.1 million views and 141K likes. After the release of ‘Shaamein’, King’s YouTube subscribers straight away skyrocketed to 1.22 million.

From music production to mixing and mastering, all was done by Shivansh Chauhan. As usual, Yash Chhabra was the director. His costume was designed by Drutika Singh. In association with Kingsclan Management, digital marketing was done by Kingsclan Marketing.

As per Kingsclan, ‘Shaamein’ reached 1 million views pretty fast and broke King’s own record of over 190K views in one hour. Also, it crossed 107K likes and 630K views in a day. Most importantly, it’s Harjas’ first song to appear in YouTube trending charts.

King is definitely deserving of his name. His previous track ‘Casanova’ got added in the Fever Original’s ‘Top 10 Countdown’ by Fever FM jumping from number 10 in the list to number 5 directly!

As King says, “Covid can stop the world not the music.” So, just after releasing ‘Shaamein’, he is dropping the seventh bounce from ‘The Gorilla Bounce’ album sharp at 12 pm today! With ‘Koo Koo’ he’s presenting “new artist on the block” like Jaz and Aesap. Clearly, it’s as King states, “mere sath videos me bohot dekha ab dono ko sath gaate dekho.” They even have their own YouTube channel with 1.25K subscribers.

Here’s presenting you Jaz who’s going to mark his debut with King today!

Keep your eyes glued to the screen because the trio is going to ring the “next hit alert.”

For the fans, ‘Shaamein’ is on loop till ‘Koo Koo’ arrives. Till then, you can also check out King’s ‘Casanova’ ft. Rahul Sathu Trending #38 on YouTube for more details on his previous track ‘Casanova’.