Once upon a time, there were horror-filled weekdays that never seemed to end. We, humans, got petrified and tried to get out of its way.  Something about the fear wouldn’t see the light of day. Enter the messiah who puts all problems in the bay. The weekend is here and humans shout yay! 

After the prolonged wedding season that got us all hooked up on Rom-Coms to gulp down our single-ness. The release of Evil Dead Rise has tickled us into getting some horror fun. Wait, what ‘s behind you?!?!? HAHAHA! Just kidding!

Do you know the perfect recipe for weekend-ing? It’s pretty simple. You lie down, keep everything you need at an arm’s distance, and do not use your body or your mind for the next two days. So here we are doing all the hard work for you (Pfff!) by curating the latest horror films that you abso-horror-lutely cannot miss. 

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For all those seeking some horror fun, 2023 had a stellar start with the premiere of M3GAN on the 6th of January. The story revolves around a Roboticist who develops a robot, who is like a real companion to any human. Things then take a horrific turn when “the doll” meets a kid, Cady, the niece of the Roboticist.

Movie Release Date- 6th January 2023

Available for Rent on Zee5 and Amazon Prime

Huesera: The Bone Woman

Huesera is a bone-chilling tale of a first-time Mother who is expecting her child soon. Her joy is quickly taken away when she is cursed by an evil figure. The story revolves around her sinking deeper into the dark world of magic. Will the threat consume her? Only time will tell.

Movie Release Date- 10th February 2023

Available for Rent on Apple TV and Amazon Prime

Scream VI

After being a super duper hit in 2022, Scream is ready with its sixth part continuing with the four survivors who will be seen moving from the Woodsboro Twon to New York City. Rather obviously, they cannot escape the dark work and ghostly clutches. Like the other five parts, Scream VI will also be available for online streaming.

Movie Release Date- 10th March 2023

Available on Paramount plus

The Offering

Arthur sling with his pregnant wife returns to his Father in Brooklyn who is a Director of a Jewish Funeral House in the Hasidic Community. Problems begin when Arthur accidentally breaks a mysterious amulet and releases some evil spirits who have unholy plans for the unborn child. 

Movie Release Date- 13th January 2023

Available on Amazon Prime

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