A psychologist and therapist by profession but keeping you updated with all the solutions you need in this adulting phase of your life. If not that, she will constantly remind you to straighten your back- DO IT NOW! Clinical Physiotherapist and Nutritionist, Dr. Rebecca Pinto uses her Instagram platform to share insightful advice on mental health and self-care for you. She provides her followers with advice and inspiration through her posts, which are educational, interesting, and motivating.

The information provided by Dr. Pinto covers a wide range of mental health-related issues, including stress reduction, anxiety management, and managing your food to keep up with a healthy lifestyle. Her personable and approachable style makes it simple for anyone to understand and apply her knowledge to their own life. People can learn more about mental health and wellness, as well as access useful practices to help them deal with life’s obstacles, by following Rebecca’s advice.

In a conversation with Social Nation, Rebecca spoke about how she started her journey and how she juggles and aces following it each day through content and physiotherapy.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became interested in the field of physiotherapy?

I did not choose physiotherapy as a profession. I was studious but wasn’t focused on what to do. My college professor noticed me and made me understand how physiotherapy is a great profession to pursue and how it is going to boom in the future. My father was convinced too. That’s how I ended up doing physiotherapy as a profession.

It was after choosing this profession that I got to know how good I am at it. And now I love what I do!

With love and passion for her work, she gives tips and provides solutions to problems that are very common to most of us in our hectic lifestyles.

With a strong focus on health and wellness, what inspired you to start sharing information about these topics on social media, and what is it that you hope to accomplish through your platform?

There’s a funny story to it. During the lockdown, I used to have crazy working hours, there used to be so many patients at my clinic and many of them had similar issues. After working the whole day at the clinic, when I used to come home, I realized that if ten people have backache issues, the reason for eight of them is the same.

If you already know why you have the backache, and know the solution to it, you would solve it yourself and that would mean a reduction of patients in my clinic- meaning working less! So I decided to make people aware so that they know what to avoid and how to prevent people from doing certain things in certain ways.

With my reach over the platform, I just want to reach people through consultation and build credibility that makes sure that people know they can trust me and the content that I put out there.

What are some of the most common misconceptions you see about healthy eating and nutrition? How can people make better choices when it comes to what they eat?

I believe Indians have great diets. That’s the reason our ancestors lived better and healthy.

We have eventually westernized diets so much- counting micro, and macronutrients, checking carbs and all; we’ve started counting food so much and started getting things out of the plate and putting only one nutrient like a protein diet or a low-carb diet. That’s just so Westernized and we are following diet patterns from countries that themselves are not living healthy lives. So if we just go back to following the diets of our grandparents, we would probably live healthier with that diet.

As a physiotherapist, what do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing the healthcare industry today, and how do you see these challenges being addressed in the future?

I think the challenges have reduced. Earlier people just used to take references for who to go to but now they just walk in without reference saying they need physiotherapy.

While there is awareness about physio, there is a constant need of getting the treatment done right. Even after your physiotherapy session is over, you need to make sure to do the exercise right because the physio treatment is not like a medicine course that you take for 5 days and cure the disease. It needs to be constant and continuous to make the pain go away once and for all. Once the pain is gone, you need to still work for the body part- that might be the only challenge.

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What motivates you to be open and honest with your followers, and what advice do you have for others who may be hesitant to share their own experiences?

There is nothing that really motivates me to be honest with them. I think that is the only way to be. I can’t survive long-term if I am not being honest with them.

I think social media is a place where everyone can share whatever they want, regardless of judgment. Whether you’ll be judged for it or not is something that is here luck. But just share your experiences for someone else.

Your posts touch on mental health and the importance of self-care. Why do you think these topics are particularly relevant in today’s society, and what advice do you have for people who may be struggling with their mental health?

We were never told how to address mental health issues in the right way and so we struggle so much with it because we’ve always seen people sideline it and not focusing on it. ‘Kaam mein busy raho’ is probably the easiest solution for it. We probably face so many of these issues because we do not deal with them.

Self-care is something that I recently learned because we were always taught to keep ourselves secondary and others first. There was only selflessness in our lives. ‘Whatever you would do to keep someone else feel loved is what you’ve to do for yourself.’

What kind of content do you enjoy the most?

I think I really enjoy the videos with calming visuals and LoFi music. ASMR videos of cooking and sounds also make me feel amazing. I love it!

What are your goals for the future, both in terms of your career and your social media presence?

I am not someone who sets goals for myself anymore. I used to but then I realized it did not make me happy. Sometimes we look at goals in a way that someone else has done, so if I do it too, it’ll be great. But sometimes when you reach the goal, it doesn’t bring that kind of happiness.

Now I look at growth- every few days, I observe my growth and then what next. So I go with the flow and make sure that I am not doing the same thing for months.

Rebecca has her way of keeping you engaged with her content and if this article kept you engaged, you should definitely head to her page and check out what she has to offer.