Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski popularly known as Doctor Mike, a celebrity doctor best known for his popularity on social media.

Thanks to his charismatic looks and amazing physique Mike was offered to participate in BuzzFeed and People magazine’s 2015 and was titled as the ‘The Sexiest Doctor Alive‘ that rose his reach with millions of subscribers on his verified Instagram account on a short duration.

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Mike is considered to be the most famous board-certified physician in New York City and has a YouTube channel where he creates medically themed informative videos and reaction videos to the content of ‘Try Guys‘, and his reaction to medical terms which is displayed in ‘Grey Anatomy‘ series.

Mike is not just a YouTuber fetching entertaining content but he is also currently a practicing medical doctor as a professional.

In 2019, when the world was hit by Covid Mike to everyone’s surprise participated to be in the frontlines. And shared multiple videos to raise awareness regarding all the myths and doubts in the minds of common people those though times.

He nevertheless has successfully established a foundation called ‘Limitless Tomorrow’ to provide students scholarships. Limitless Tomorrow is an auction that would raise money to help young people achieve their goals.

His foundation focuses on donating money for a better cause that helps to fight for the future, help the children in need and shift your thinking. It wasn’t his plan to join the modeling but he walked for New York Fashion Week which was also done for this cause.

In 2017, Mike was offered to be a speaker on a TEDx talk show which he shared was the biggest opportunity of his life and it was something he always dreamed of.

Dr. Mike is a widely recognized influencer who spotlights the value of healthy lifestyle choices to over 15+ million followers on his social media platforms and YouTube channel.