Clubhouse, the drop-in audio chat app, formed a new partnership deal with Ted Talks. This will spark more live discussions, opportunities to participate through speaking and listening with expert speakers in the room. The first room that started on July 12, 2021, was ‘Thank Your Ass Off’ hosted by A.J. Jacobs and Mir Harris. As stated on Clubhouse, it’s a “weekly show to boost your spirits and change your perspective!” The room is about conquering “negative bias” and thanking “the unsung heroes of our lives!”

Source: Clubhouse

Now, let’s get to know a bit about our dear hosts! A.J. Jacobs is an American journalist, editor, author, and lecturer best known for writing about his lifestyle experiments. He’s a podcaster and TEDx Speaker too. Mir Harris, a former music industry executive specializes in creative strategy and marketing. Currently, she has shifted her focus to strategy for various social media platforms incorporating influencers and creators. The film and television industry too caught her attention.

Other details like upcoming clubhouse rooms and speakers are yet to be announced. Since Clubhouse hired TED’s former head of conferences, Kelly Stoetzel, to oversee thought leadership programming in May, the partnership between both platforms was imminent. With the growing number of social audio rivals and their various content plans like Twitter Spaces, Discord’s Stage Channels, Spotify’s Greenroom, and Facebook’s Podcast Services and Live Audio Rooms, this move from Clubhouse is an excellent strategy!