Fast & Up India is “your nutrition partner in fitness, immunity and good health daily!” In association with Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan they have started #HealwithReels, in which every one reel made on the song ‘Lad Lenge’ they “will donate as many instant electrolytes to front line workers around the country, to refuel their sweat!

The team of Fast & Up India has already put their exercising move supporting the campaign.

Actress Shilpa Shetty has also joined #HealwithReels with her “super se bhi upar” exercising reel.

Being the Good Vibes officer, how can Varun Dhawan back down? He’s here to motivate everyone with his dancing spirit on Rahul Shetty’s choreography.

After getting nominated by Varun, choreographer Ganesh Acharyaa too gave his wonderful performance on ‘Lad Lenge’.

The singer of the song ‘Lad Lenge’ was Divya Kumar and Harsh Upadhyay was the music director. Not only known personalities, but others are also posting reels on the song just to provide some help to the frontline workers.