Social Nation‘s Christmas campaign “#SleighedIt” is all about celebrating our beloved content creators for their noteworthy work throughout the year. We nominated select creators under 12 distinct categories on our Instagram Stories. Ranging from Voice of Impact to Knowledge Guru to Meme Master, we cherry-picked 3 creators excelling in their respective genres. And the winner was ultimately crowned by YOU, our audience, in the form of polls.

With a staggering 4,339 votesNancy Tyagi emerged as the winner under our category “Santa’s Favourite Dance Sensation with a thumping majority. 65% of viewers feel she is the most dynamic DIY content creator out there. A fashion blogger and stylist who has an amazing talent of creating her own looks with a touch of 90’s nostalgia. Nancy rose to fame with her 100-day series of creating outfits from scratch.

Nancy Tyagi Santa's Favourite DIY Dynamo fashion content creator Sleighed It

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When her videos started reaching more people, the content creator came up with her concept of ‘Outfits from Scratch’, where she shows you how she sources, stitches, designs and reveals the dress. The first reel in this 100-day series was a hit, where people saw the talent behind the face and realised just how hard she works. From western outfits to lehengas and kurtis, she designs and stitches them all. Nancy also recreates outfits worn by celebrities and fashion influencers, and creates her own designs as well. 

Let’s take you through the key highlights from Nancy Tyagi’s journey this year:

Nancy hit 170k subscribers on YouTube, and was close to hitting 100k followers on Instagram in July. She received the prestigious Silver Play Button from YouTube. And look at her now with 525k Instagram followers and almost 700k subscribers. She’s had the most amazing journey.

The DIY Queen posted her first ever long-format video (Q&A) video on her YouTube channel. Here, she innocently answered hot questions people had about her like when she would start her own label, her journey, the equipment she uses to shoot, how to get an outfit made by her, and a lot more.

Here’s a lovely outfit created by Nancy herself – a lavender ruffled top with a beautiful self-work skirt. She wore it to a noteworthy beauty event. She has broken down the process behind this outfit in her reel along with glimpses of the event.

This iconic black leather dress created by her was massively loved by netizens. The comments section of her reel is filled with people who are loving her work and are proud of how far she has come. They have been urging her to start her personal fashion label.

Nancy produces work that is beyond her years. From the knowledge of fabrics to the vision for the dress to actually creating it, she is truly a magician. Just look at this stunning orange gown! That’s sheer talent right there.

She attended an event hosted by Lifestyle Asia in a stunning emerald green outfit created entirely by her. Nancy had also created a breakdown of this outfit on her profile. She looked absolutely stunning.

 In association with a Google Doodle tribute to the late Sridevi, the talented seamstress recreated the iconic saree looks of the late actress from her popular movies. This video also marked her 46th day in the 100-day ‘made from scratch outfits’ series. And they are stunning, to say the least!

Probably one of the most iconic recreations by Nancy, she replicated Deepika’s Oscars outfit. The actress adorned a bespoke Louis Vuitton black gown as she made her debut at The Academy Awards. And our DIY queen recreated it with her own hands like it’s no big deal. Her reel caught the attention of 10.2 Million viewers including popular influencers, and rightfully so.

Hi Barbie! An iconic Barbie recreation but she kept it desi. We can’t get over that ethereal fabric out of which Nancy skilfully crafted the most stunning saree. Inspired by Lisa Hayden’s look, she replicated it with her own touch.

Most people interested in fashion look up to the Influencer Supreme, Komal Pandey. Miss Tyagi recreated Komal’s stunning birthday dress. It was a gorgeous yellow co-ord set adorned with pearls. Nancy did such a good job with her outfit that it caught the attention of the fashion expert herself and her boyfriend Siddharth Batra‘s too.

Nancy Tyagi’s talent is truly unparalleled. No one does DIY content like her. The amount of dedication, hard work and passion that she puts in, actually shows. She has grown and how. Having endured a journey filled with hardships, Nancy made it big by believing in herself, never giving up and chasing her dreams.