In the past few years, India has witnessed an extraordinary surge in the world of content creation, transforming the entertainment landscape. Fueled by the need to create relatable content and engage the audience, the content creation industry has blossomed into a powerful and influential force.

With everything going digital, brands and businesses too wish to partner with creators to reach their online target audience. From YouTube sensations and podcasters to social media influencers, India has become a hotbed of creative talent, producing diverse and engaging content across various genres. The increasing global recognition speaks to their reach and influence amongst the masses.

From The Creator-Verse” is Social Nation‘s weekly round-up of everything that’s happening within the ‘Creator industry’.

Awkward Goat Marries Her Best Friend

“Pyaar dosti hai!” Awkward Goat a.k.a Dvija Bhasin got hitched to her best friend Amod. She posted a super cute reel announcing their marriage on her Instagram! The video begins with an Instagram user daring Dvija to marry her bf in a comment. “We take our dares v seriously 👍” read her caption. The comments section is flooded with wishes from fellow creators. She shared some more wholesome pictures from their simple ceremony with a heartfelt note. “Alls well that ends well to end up with you 💜” Just aww!

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Kusha & Farah Drop Truth Bombs In Hillarious Collab

Farah Khan Kunder‘s reels are to die for! They are so hilarious and she recently collaborated with our comedy kween “Kusha Kapila!” This was such a funny collaboration where both took a dig at creators entering Bollywood and the film industry needing these influencers at the same time.

Riya Kolhi Launches Her Brand “gmorn”

A Gen-Z favourite, Riya Kohli was on the lookout for fun clothes when she thought “nevermind I’ll make it myself” and her brand “gmorn” was born. Promising super cool and funky designs, Riya dropped their first product: Boxers. We look forward to everything else that’s about to drop!

Shirley Setia x Spoyl

Everyone’s fav singer Shirley Setia just launched her curation for Spoyl on Flipkart. Her reel gives a glimpse into her collection. The cutie drove around town to see the hoardings from her photoshoot that are now up.

Sumukhi Suresh also shared her Spoyl hoarding on her Instagram story recently.

from the creator-verse content creators social media instagram YouTube Sumukhi Suresh Spoyl on Flipkart

Mayur Jumani Created A Peppy Track For Rajasthan Royals

The man who can create music out of practically anything, Mayur Jumani made a vibey track for Rajasthan Royals. From Yuzi to Chahal, the reel and the song featured the MVPs of the team. We can’t stop humming it ever since we heard it!

RJ Abhinav Had The “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” Experience IRL

Going to London for the premiere of “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” was an unforgettable experience for RJ Abhinav. He got to witness the next-level automobile tech of Mad Max up close and personal thanks to Warner Bros.They gave us a glimpse of it here! We even did some actual go-kart racing!” he wrote in his post.

Shruti Sinha For Soléite At All You Can Street

Dancer, actor, creator, and now showstopper, Shruti Sinha is on a roll! She walked the ramp for the brand Soléite at All You Can Street. Shruti took her followers through her prep-to-stage journey in this reel.

Orry Drops First Vlog As A Professional Bollywood BFF

Orry is definitely the Internet’s favourite child. We’re all already too invested in his life, what he does, what his day looks like, who he chills with, and lots more. He dropped a mini vlog on his Instagram titled “A Professional Bollywood BFF.” He called Janhvi Kapoor the ‘Employer of the Day‘ where he chilled with her through her ‘Mr. & Mrs. Mahi’ movie promotions. Orry accompanied her to the Narendra Modi Stadium for an IPL match, then tried Ahmedabad’s street food, and met Yuzvendra Chahal. It seems like we’ll be seeing many such vlogs ahead.

iShowSpeed Celebrates Manchester United’s FA Cup Win

The Red Devils bagged the FA Cup on Saturday, May 25 for the 13th time in club history. YouTuber iShowSpeed got to celebrate Manchester United’s massive win with the team! He posted pictures of him donning the ManU jersey as he posed with the stellar players from the team. He’s truly living every fan’s dream out there.

from the creator-verse content creators social media instagram YouTuber ishowspeed

Gunjan Saini Is Now Engaged

We can’t stop gushing over Gunjan Saini‘s engagement pictures! She made it official with her boyfriend Abhineet Singh Rathore a few days ago as she dropped adorable pictures from the ceremony on her Instagram. “I found a random profile on Instagram and he turned out to be the guy I went down on my knees for 🤍” wrote Gunjan in her proposal video. How cute, congratulations Gunjan!

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