True friends are those who come into your life, love you for who you are, and never make you feel like you have to be someone you’re not.” Isn’t this a beautiful reality of the most special bond of all? Friendship! It is a bond that is built on trust, respect, and love. Such is the bond that’s shared by two very adorable content creators: Sameeksha Takke and Harshala Patil.

The first Sunday of the month of August is here! You know what that means… it’s Friendship Day! While most people go on to make friends along the way at different stages in life, it didn’t seem very likely for content creators to find their BFFs in the world of social media. But Sameeksha and Harshala’s 5-year old friendship is a pleasant surprise. Where the former is a comedy creator and the latter, a fashion and beauty creator.

Friends just make everything better. They are the ones who understand you the best, and make it easy to share anything and everything with them. From laughing and crying together, to always having each other’s back through thick and thin, this is exactly what Sameeksha and Harshala feel about their bond.

Social Nation got the opportunity to chat with the cutest best friends on the internet who won our hearts with their genuine bond and views on friendship. And we have to admit, their unplanned twinning in pink only goes to prove how in sync they are. Like true bestfriends!

Sameeksha Takke Harshala Patil BFF Friendship Day Best Friends content creators instagram

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How did you both meet and become besties? What were your first impressions?

We met at an event through a common friend. But we did not know each other that well so we planned a staycation and that’s when our friendship began.”

Sameeksha: My first impression of her was “oh she’s very rude!” So, we were at an event and there was this girl in a yellow sweatshirt screaming “yay!!” and I when I asked someone about who she is, I found out she had reached 10k subscribers on YouTube. Then, when I went to wish her and she said “oh thanks” and continued to go on screaming!

Harshala: Haha yes I remember this. For Sameeksha, I can recollect what she was wearing and thought that she was really sweet but we had not interacted much at that point to have any impression as such.

What is the 1 thing you love about each other and 1 thing that you tolerate about each other?

Sameeksha: What I tolerate about her is that she does not reply to my messages for days and weeks and months together! But over these 4-5 years I’ve realised that this is how she is and I’ve accepted it now. What I love about her? Wow, there are so many things! But one thing I do love is that she’s straightforward and brutally honest – like muhphat. And her eyes talk so much that she doesn’t need to use words, we just know what she’s saying.

Harshala: One thing I tolerate is that she’s very funny as a person but sometimes I feel she doesn’t know when to stop. Like when I’m sharing something serious and she laughs it off, I feel like “no, not right now!” And what I love about her is, like she said, I don’t need to use that many words around her, she just knows what I’m feeling.

What do you love the most about each other’s content?

Harshala: She’s very observant. She will observe a situation and think about what she can use from this and make content out of it. There’s been so many moments where she’s used our conversations in her content like stuff about relationships or how I’m obsessed with zodiac signs! I really like that.

Sameeksha: When it comes to my content, I need people for comedy. Whereas for her, she doesn’t need anyone. She’s very self-reliant. She’ll just sit in front of the camera and shoot even if she’s having a bad day. That is the best thing about her!

Is there something new that you would want the other person to try in terms of content?

Harshala: So, Sameeksha does her OG boyfriend-girlfriend content, but for the longest time I wanted her to meet other creators and create content with them. I had been telling her since 2-3 years now and she has finally started doing that, which makes me really happy!

Sameeksha: I want her to make comedy content with me! There are times when I have to approach other comedy content creators asking “Can you do this for me?” Harshala and I worked on one piece of content that too 3 years ago and we haven’t made anything together post that. We should start planning now!

Sameeksha, if you had to choose between acting and content creation, what would you pick?

I think content creation. Because then I can do acting as well. On the camera of my choice, haha!

What does a besties day out with Sameeksha and Harshala look like?

Harshala: You know usually our day-to-day life is so hectic so we just sit, chill, eat and catch-up on a lot of things.

Sameeksha: It’s also the distance. She stays on the other side of Mumbai (sorry Thanekars!) and I’m here, so it becomes very difficult to meet. But when we do, all we need is a cup of coffee or if we’re at Harshala’s place then tea made by her along with lots of gossip!

Who is the better listener?

Harshala: Sameeksha is. I know it’s surprising, but it’s true.

Sameeksha: It might seem like Harshala is the listener but it’s quite the opposite. She’s not talking much right now in front of the camera but guys.. you have no idea!

Do y’all have any tradition that y’all follow as best friends?

Apparently not. But we do have this tradition of procrastinating our trips. Although, we are trying to come up with one since 2 years, so we’ll think of something now.

How do y’all hype each other up when one’s having a bad day?

Harshala: She usually doesn’t need anyone but when she does need me, I make sure I remind her of EVERYTHING that she has achieved so far. I tell her “Remember where you were and how you started!”

Sameeksha: I remember when I was going through a terrible break up, she was there with me on call the entire night till the next day. Then she took me to a yoga retreat in Hyderabad. Basically, she just knows how to handle me. We also help each other out with our overthinking.

Sameeksha Takke Harshala Patil BFF Friendship Day Best Friends content creators instagram

What is the best surprise you’ve given each other?

Harshala: So it was my birthday and I had planned to celebrate it properly for the first time with everyone last year. We had to leave at 6:30 in the morning and Sameeksha had a shoot so she couldn’t come. And I wasn’t expecting anything. But on my birthday morning, she made it all the way to my place right before we were leaving just to come see me and wish me for 5 minutes. And that meant everything, it was the most special thing!

Sameeksha: I love blueberry cheesecakes! When I was going through ‘my breakup phase’, I would go to this garden I love whenever I felt low. And she got the cheesecake delivered to me there with a very cute message written on it. It was really sweet of her!

What according to you, are the ideal qualities that a best friend should have?

Harshala: People say these things about female friendships, that they don’t last and what not. It’s so not true. If you have someone who lifts you up, genuinely wants to see you grow and do well, that is a very important quality that I think any friend should have. Even if u have one such friend, you’re good for life.

Sameeksha: Prioritising your friends. And honesty. That matters a lot. Amongst us, we’re not fake at all. Whatever is on our minds, we say it to each other.

Describe the your bond in just three words.

Harshala: Fun, Caring, Loving

Sameeksha: Supportive, Honest, Mature

Well, we had a great time speaking with this BFF duo that reminded us how important it is to value your friendships. And today is “the day” to celebrate our special friends and all the love and laughter that they bring into our lives. So make the most of today. and every day, to show your friends how much you care about them and how grateful you are for their friendship. Happy Friendship Day, fam!