When B Praak-Jaani’s Filhaal (1) with Desi Melodies was first released a year ago, no one could have expected its massive success. The music video featured an injured person and the doctor’s revelation that the patient is none other than his ex-lover, as well as the story that surrounds it. The video has been viewed over a billion times, pushing the musicians to fame. In three days, it became the fastest Indian song to reach 100 million views. Filhall (1) 5.9 days was the previous record holder. Now, with the release of Filhaal 2, we’re back to talk about the next chapter of the story.

The song follows the story with Akshay Kumar and Nupur Sanon, but this time there is no continuity because the suffering has ended. Nupur is seen with a man whom she marries shortly after. Akshay is spotted stalking her the entire time. He continues to pursue her, but when her husband leaves for a moment, she asks him to stop following her and attempting to be with her now that they are married. He continues to follow her, but Nupur drops both necklaces as a sign that their relationship has come to an end. However, when Akshay picks up the two half-hearted neck pieces in the middle of the road, he meets with an accident and dies on the spot. The sentence ,“And the pain ends” flashes on the screen.

It has been trending at number one in the music category on YouTube, and we can see why. The song’s lyrics are incomparable, and the BPraak-Jaani duo have done a fantastic job with it. “Voh kaun hai mujhse puchhe meri hamsafar harbaari, o tere naam se pukaar bethe usse kayi baari,” are my favourite lines from the song. The most heartbreaking scene for me was him dancing at her wedding and of course, his accident leading to death.

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