In a world that has embraced digital communication with open arms, emojis have become the universal language of expression. These tiny, colourful icons help us convey emotions, thoughts, and ideas across languages and cultures, bridging gaps and bringing people closer together. However, as much as they have revolutionised the way we communicate, there is one aspect in which emojis still fall short – representation. To cover the extra mile, Advertising Club Bangalore along with Alt Tribe have started an Emojify India campaign. 

India, a nation celebrated for its rich and diverse cultural heritage, boasts 28 states and 8 union territories, each with its distinct traditions, cuisine, landmarks, and folklore. Yet, the current set of emojis inadequately reflects this cultural tapestry, leaving many aspects of India unrepresented and overlooked in the digital realm.

Emojify India celebrates inclusivity and diversity


To address this glaring gap and foster a sense of inclusivity and pride among Indians, The Advertising Club Bangalore, one of India’s leading industry bodies, joined hands with Alt Tribe, an organisation with a passion for promoting diversity and creativity. Together, they launched an innovative and pioneering campaign known as “Emojify India” on the occasion of World Emoji Day.

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World Emoji Day, observed annually on July 17th, provided the perfect backdrop for this significant initiative. The day celebrates the impact of emojis on modern communication and recognises the need for continuous improvement and expansion in the representation of diverse cultures.

Mr. Laeeq Ali, President of The Advertising Club, expressed his excitement about the campaign, emphasising the ubiquity of emojis in our lives and how they have transformed our daily interactions. He stated, “Laeeq Ali, The President of The Advertising Club happily stated “Whether you are young or old, Emojis have already become part of our everyday life. Knowingly or unknowingly, it has changed the way we communicate with each other. We got very excited about the possibility of having one emoji for one state and decided to associate with the folks at AltTribe. I am eagerly looking forward to the extremely talented designers and artists in the country developing these emojis for their states. I am hoping that we are able to take the selected ones to the right decision-makers and implement this at scale. Imagine the select emoji on a T-shirt or a cap. I am very excited.”

With the catchy tagline, “Aye Ji, Oh Ji, Make Your State’s Emoji!”, the Emojify India campaign invites enthusiastic participants from all corners of the country to contribute their ideal representations of their state’s unique assets. These assets encompass everything from local delicacies and historic landmarks to indigenous folklore and cultural symbols. By involving the people directly in the creation process, the campaign aims to empower individuals to take pride in their heritage and cultural identity.

The Advertising Club Bangalore, along with, is driving this campaign with the support of notable partners such as afaqs, Himalaya, Origami Creative, and many others. Their collective efforts and dedication underscore the campaign’s commitment to ensuring its resounding success and wide-reaching impact.

Participants have the freedom to submit their emojis on the campaign’s website, The submission period began on World Emoji Day, July 17th, and will continue until July 31st, providing ample time for creativity to flourish.

As August arrives, a public vote will be conducted from the 1st to the 31st, during which people from all walks of life can help select the winning emojis. This democratic approach ensures that the chosen emojis resonate with the collective voice of the nation, embodying the essence of India’s rich diversity.

The much-anticipated announcement of the campaign’s winners is scheduled for September 2nd. It will mark a historic moment when India’s cultural mosaic finds its rightful place in the digital world, etched through emojis that reflect the vibrant tapestry of the nation.

In conclusion, the Emojify India campaign is more than just an endeavour to design emojis; it is a celebration of India’s unity in diversity, a tribute to the unique identity of each state, and an acknowledgement of the role emojis play in shaping our digital interactions. By encouraging active participation and creativity, this campaign fosters a sense of belongingness and pride in every Indian’s heart.

Let us all join hands and be a part of this remarkable journey to Emojify India – a journey that celebrates our heritage,  promotes inclusivity, and leaves an indelible mark on the digital landscape, enriching our communication experience for generations to come. Aye Ji, Oh Ji, let’s make our state’s emojis!