We know how big the world of Instagram and content creators has become in today’s digital age. Brands and businesses have started depending on the reach and engagement of these creators and influencers to capture the attention of their target audience. This has given rise to a whole industry of influencer marketing.

Instagram introduced a Creator Marketplace in 2022 where brands can discover creators to collaborate with. The previous year a small group of brands tested a new set of tools for discovering and reaching out to creators. Building on these new tools, Instagram launched a creator marketplace on an invite-only basis to brands active in the US.

Meta announced earlier this week that it is rolling out its Instagram Creator Marketplace to eight new regions. The app is inviting creators and brands based in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Japan, India, and Brazil, as well as Chinese export brands to test this feature out over the next few weeks. It’ll thus get relatively super easy for both parties to find the best fit.

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Instagram is one of the best places for brands and creators to create branded content and partnership ads. Their new, machine learning-based recommendations use Instagram data to help brands more easily discover creators who best match their campaign requirements. “Partnership ads (formerly known as branded content ads) allow advertisers to amplify content with a creator or other partner’s handle to scale their collaborations” said the company’s blog.

Let’s take you through everything there is to know about Instagram’s Creator Marketplace:

Joining The Marketplace

Brands can join Instagram’s creator marketplace in Meta Business Suite. Creators can join from their professional dashboard in the Instagram app. Creators can specify which brands and interests are relevant to them. They can also create a portfolio to highlight what makes them unique.

Brands Find The Right Match

To help match the optimal creators and brands for campaigns, Instagram is testing new custom, machine learning-powered creator recommendations for each brand. Brands can now search for creators, filtering based on creator and audience characteristics. They can also see a list of creators who have expressed interest and check out their portfolios. 

Instagram creator marketplace brands creators branded ads content partnership collaboration

Connect & Collaborate 

In the marketplace, creators receive brand messages in a dedicated Partnership Messages folder at the top of the Primary tab. Brands can reach out to creators directly or create and send a project to multiple creators outlining the branded content or partnership ad opportunity. Creators can review the details and requirements of the opportunity, as well as the rate, all within the Instagram app.

Create Together

Once brands and creators come to an agreement, they are ready to create. Advertisers can boost organic Instagram content as partnership ads, including branded content with the paid partnership label, or they can create new partnership ads in Ads Manager.

P.S. You can visit the Help Center for instructions on how to use creator marketplace or set up partnership ads.

Instagram’s creator marketplace is a win-win for both brands and creators. It aids brands in finding the right creators and helps creators get discovered by brands. The platform is excited to continue evolving the marketplace and partnership ads to offer even more ways for brands and creators to connect, partner, and grow. We hope the feature is available for use in India real soon and look forward to the innovative content that will come our way then.