Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju, better known as Trin-Trin, is a Trans-woman and a Doctor. To have a look at her struggles of being a woman in a man’s body is a concept here in India that might sound next to impossible, but fighting all the odds this trans-woman has dealt with it all. After completing her MBBS, she decided to add a feather to her hat by earning the position of Karnataka’s first trans-woman doctor.

Trinetra has undergone many struggles, and rejections from society and family initially. In addition to that, she had to deal with name callings and titles which the society doesn’t shy away from calling out. But, overcoming all struggles, she fought and stood up for herself. Being titled as ‘Doctor’ has indeed helped her to shut many mouths. She took the decision of joining the group of transgender women who are in the process of making it big which helped her get positive inspiration.

She has documented her transition journey on her YouTube channel – The Trinetra Method. She has a tremendous following on social media but alongside she has faced numerous online harassment. She has endured a lot of online harassment and is fighting to educate these trollers with the help of the LGBTQ community (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer).

In the hopes of humanizing the community to the general public, she initiated a move to help remove the bridge gap and help society to understand transgender individuals.

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There are very few who take a stand for themselves and spread love instead of hate. Regardless of the hardship, this woman Dr. Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju took it upon herself to put a sush on all the haters! And undoubtedly, she is doing a great job at it. As a trans person, Trinetra has often shared light on the sexism that she faces in society. Her videos, some informative, and some just witty give us a glimpse into her life.

“Paint us in one large brush stroke, I dare you, saffron or otherwise – you forget we’ve gone to war unarmed on the battlegrounds of our own skins. We’ve reigned triumphant. We’ve built armors from the carnage. We won’t back down. You attempt to erase our validity by playing identitty-identitty with your draconian acts, you constantly screw with our existence. You forget we’re war goddesses. We’ll meet you with resistance.” ~ Trinetra Haldar Gummaraju

Trinetra’s Social Media Presence

Trinetra has a strong social media presence. She has helped millions to understand the gravity of topics like gender, sexuality, queerphobia, bullying, mental health, and feminism through her videos. Her words have the power that provides comfort, knowledge, and hope. They urge you to learn and do better—for society, and for yourself. Her Instagram abounds with information related to gender confirmation surgery and other tools of aid and resources for those seeking help. She realized the impact she could make on social media and decided to use it to boost the transgender community.

Her advice to those struggling to Transition

After having undergone Gender confirmation Therapy herself, her piece of advice to those seeking the same would be to take things slowly and give the confusion some space to exist. She believes being queer is celebrating the grey areas. To give the process of self-discovery more time and being okay with uncertainty and approaching it with questioning and curiosity is something Trinetra wishes she had done in hindsight and advises the same to those in the process of transitioning. 

Trinetra has become a celebrated personality and she made it to Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 2022! She announced it on her Instagram handle.

More about herself through the journey can be heard via her interview upload by The Forbes.

One of the biggest announcements that Trinetra did this year is about Made in Heaven Season 2. She’s a part of the cast. Made in Heaven is an original web series by Amazon Prime Video. Season one came in 2019 and the season two is expected to premiere its second season in the second quarter of 2022.

She has been very vocal about the problems of transwomen, how it is difficult for the members of the community to find social acceptance and discuss sexuality and the offline and online about transgender people face for doing so. Her profile and aura make it safe for people to talk about homosexuality openly. Know more about her by following her and following Social Nation to stay updated more about #ThePrideMonth.