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Suriya Mishra is an 18-year-old talented lady popular for her funny lip-sync videos, and her commendable acting skill that has helped her gain a lot of popularity at a young age on Instagram. Her Instagram account is ruling the digital world and she is considered to be the viral queen.

Suriya is one of the emerging talents when it comes to the comedy world. In a conversation with Social Nation, Suriya told more about the journey of her content creation.

1. When did you decide that comedy content was your calling?

In 2017, I started making videos for fun as a practice for my acting! I didn’t get views at first but I actually enjoyed creating videos and lesser views didn’t make me stop posting.

2. What was your first viral video? How was your response to it?

My first viral video was Govinda’s Bhagam Bhag dialogue. People still laugh while watching it! I couldn’t believe it, but I knew I have the potential to go viral and make people laugh! It made me happy that people are finally recognizing me.

3. As we noticed, You prefer to feature your own self in various characters, who was your inspiration to do so?

Bhuvan Bam and Ashish Chanchalani are my inspiration for making myself turn into different characters!

4. Who really makes you laugh? If you have to select, who would be your Top 5 favorite comedians?

Johny Lever, Rajpal Yadav, Paresh Rawal, Zakir Khan, Anubhav Singh Bassi! They’re all so talented and their comedy is so effortless.

5. What are the crazy adventures that you would want to try in your life?

Scuba Diving is something I would like to try and I would want to sit on a beach all night and see the sunrise in the morning. It’s sad that I can’t do that in Mumbai.

6. Any particular work of yours which is closest to your heart?

In my first TV show, where I was the second lead. It really made me happiest and I was on a set for the first time, met lovely people, become friends with them instantly, got my own vanity for the first time, and all the perks of being an actor!

7. Plagiarism nowadays is very common. Have you ever been a victim of it?

A lot of times! Yes. If people are copying me, I already won. They think I’m better than them and they’re studying me. Sometimes they copy and still don’t get it right and that is something that annoys me but that’s about it.

8. Anything you want to share with those who steal your ideas to be famous?

There’s a saying “You can mimic a result, not the creativity.” I’ll just leave it at that.

9. When did you begin to freelance? Were you planning it, or how did it happen?

2017-2018. It happened naturally! I got gigs on my own and I started working with lots of creative people and lots of big agencies reached out to me! Honestly, I really didn’t want to depend on anyone. In an industry like this, you have to be independent and get your own bread.

10. An unforgettable experience in your journey when you were spreading smiles?

When I first started going viral, I got messages from people like “I suffer from depression and anxiety and you have made me laugh.” That gave me the biggest smile on my face! I couldn’t believe how my videos make an impact on people’s lives, and how much they can help lighten up their moods, that’s the best thing about creating comedy videos, spreading smiles on faces, and being a part of someone’s healing journey!

11. How long does it take on average for you to lock a bit for your script?

Sometimes it takes a few hours, sometimes it takes a few days! It depends on my mood and how I’m feeling in the given situation. I never force myself to create, I let it come naturally. It’s always best if you give little breaks to yourself, that’s how creative ideas flow!

12. What’s your process for creating content?

Now that I’m used to making videos, my mind is always looking for content. Daily life, people who I see daily, wherever I go, I observe people and their actions and make relatable content!

13. What would you suggest to someone who is new to content creation?

Enjoy the process! You’re not gonna go viral in a day! Create videos daily, it is not a competition!
If you picture it like this – You have to make videos for yourself, not for the world, and you’ll give your best! Create like no one’s watching!

So if you looking for a feed to dissolve yourself in tears of laughter, Suriya is your one-stop destination for you to bring uncontrollable giggles.