Some things become so iconic that it becomes almost impossible to disassociate them from the person. For instance, Dua Lipa’s red hair. However, there is someone who has dethroned the artist and mind you, this is not one of those bloody wars. Rather, it is a unique voice and ample amount of cuteness that has made her way to being crowned as the newest red-haired baddie. If you haven’t guessed already, we are speaking of Dua Arshad, the star from ArshadReels who has been winning the internet with her savage responses. 

Meet Dua Arshad, the red-haired baddie and a viral sensation

Know Muhammad Arshad & his Fam

Muhammad Arshad is a content creator who is known for creating content with his entire family which consists of his wife and his three children- Zainab, Muhammad and Dua. The couple are better known as Zainab ke papa and Zainab ke mummy. In most of his videos, Arshad shows his real life and his routine. The internet has been bingeing on these videos because they are extremely hilarious and a big share of the credit goes to Dua for being the star of the show with her smart and savage way of saying things.

An Addiction

We would be lying if we said we did not spend countless hours watching her reels one after the other and we know for a matter of fact that we are not alone in this. The millions of views Arshad reels have been getting on each of their videos are solid proof of this. While each of the family members is entertaining in their own way, Dua always manages to steal the limelight with all that she speaks. She has an extremely fun way of getting what she wants that strikes a chord with the audience and tickles the funny bones.

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The Viral Sensation

Arshad Reels, a page that came into existence only in 2020 has turned into a success story with 404K followers on Instagram and 5.4 million subscribers on YouTube. On average, each of their videos has 500K plus views on Instagram alone. Their fame has also facilitated many brand collaborations. The creator fam has also collaborated with fellow creators, and actors and has been interviewed by journalists as well.

The viral sensation of Arshadreels can be credited to Dua, the red-haired baddie

A Growing Trend

Dua and her reels have now touched the status of viral trends. The ‘Zainab ke papa fal kha lien’ audio is trending on Instagram and many Indian creators have used the audio to give it its unique and hilarious twist. Even Kusha, Danish, Sumukhi and Tanmay could not stop themselves from hopping on the trend. 

Not only as audio but Dua has also made her way into the meme culture club. As a dominating child, Dua sometimes overshadows her siblings which has now become a reference point in memes. All of this can be traced back to a comment when an Instagram user commented “ I am Zainab and life is Dua.” Since then it has spun into a viral meme, as everybody jumps into it.

Meet Dua Arshad, the red-haired baddie and a viral sensation


Dua’s Charm

Two things have been extensively spoken about Dua- one is her adorable red hair ponytail that is impossible to miss and the other is her voice, which is rather unmissable. Many on the internet know Dua for her ‘helium voice’ that is very different from anything you have heard before. While Dua cannot speak so clearly as of now, the voice artist surely deserves a raise for creating this legendary voice that will go down in history.

Not only Dua but everybody in the family has a very distinctive way of speaking. Without much sound modulation, the audio associated with each family member comes across as robotic but again, this has paid extensively to their popularity. 

Everything said about this red-haired baddie, Dua is truly the most adorable kid on Instagram. With her one-of-a-kind voice, her smart tactics and natural humour, this cutie is sure to rule Instagram and the world for a long long time. With her innocence, she has also managed to fade the divide between India and Pakistan. Coming from Pakistan, and being equally loved in India, she has managed to crack the toughest nut. Once we get Dua’s spontaneity, it is over for all of you.