Is it possible to keep a content hold for this fabulous woman? Bringing to you the interesting, dynamic, and passionate woman- Ravi Bala Sharma popularly known as ‘Dancing Dadi‘ has become a breathing demonstration of never outgrowing beauty. The 63-year-old has taken the Internet by storm with her dance moves and energy.

Leading the way of her life she is definitely turning heads and has proved to become a viral sensation, amassing millions of views on her Dancing videos!

Amid all the challenges she faces with the increasing age factor she never fails to add fuel to the younger generation providing them with immense aspirations. While her body might be growing old, it is the spirits that keep us younger, agile, and full of dreams. Mother of two, she has lived a life similar to any other Indian woman, completely engrossed in the household work for over 27 years.

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At age 63, she is as young as any other teenager would be. She loves grooving to trendy music, and has successfully gained praise from multiple dancing idols and even marked her presence on many social media platforms. She started dancing as a playful activity just to fill the void of her post-retirement life, which helped her to add feathers to her cap and got her widespread fame and recognition.

She is very passionate about her passion and despite her medical complications, she works towards making perfect reels and remains in the eyes of the thousands of people.

Ravi Bala Sharma is breaking the internet with her dance moves ranging from classical dance to bhangra, she has done it all.

Taking about her first video on Instagram she said, “It was for an online competition and I never thought I would get such a positive response on the internet. Since viewers liked what they saw of a childhood passion, I thought why not make the most of it? That’s when I decided to make more videos.”

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Watch her Groove on amazing Songs as she captures everyone’s heart:

Flaunting her dance moves and wearing her greys confidently have a look at her take over Digitally!