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YouTube is not just a platform where people go to watch tutorials and entertainment but also for watching content that is not just entertainment but also something with a learning. YouTube is different that OTT (over the top) platforms as it is defined as a social video platform. Short films have been released for a long time now on the platform and it is a great way to communicate a statement in fewer minutes and a powerful message. Salil Jamdar, the famous YouTuber, just released his short film “Kholona Virus” yesterday which is about how people get drawn to their mobile phones and devices.

Kholona Virus is the story of a boy who gets infected with the virus (Stage 1) and takes us through his journey from Stage 1 to Stage 4, from which there is no coming back. The new virus, a digital virus is spreading like fire, even faster than coronavirus itself. And it is no ordinary virus. It is the first digital virus to affect not PCs, Laptops, etc, but humans!

What is Kholona Virus? As Covid ripped our lives apart to a point where our experience of the world became confined to sitting at home and staring at our smartphones, humans didn’t realize that this little comforting gadget was turning into something deadly. They have described ‘Kholona Virus’ as a mental condition where a person cannot stay away from his/her smartphone for too long. Every time they keep the phone away, instead of the ‘ting ting’ notification sound, hallucinatory voices start emerging from the phone, that goes like: ‘Kholona…kholo mujhe…khol ke rakh do na mujhe…khol kyu nahi rahe ho.’

Heartbeat goes up, hands start shaking, vibrations set in as the soft inviting voice become more fierce and enticing, the more the person stays away from his/her phone.

The short film has intricately described the virus as ‘Kholona Virus’ and the problem of being attached to your mobile phone. It describes the attachment in four stages in less than twenty minutes. It is written by Salil Jamdar, and stars Salil himself, Satish Ray, and Dr. Leena Balodi. It is directed by Arbaaz Shroff.

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The YouTuber has more than 1 million subscribers and is an actor, singer, and filmmaker. He also has his own series ‘Saala Salil’ and ‘Asli Mard’ that can be watched on his YouTube channel. He also uploads his original music on the channel.

Check out his channel and his latest short film on it!