The nine days of Garba constitute an energetic and culturally significant celebration across the country. This traditional dance form is deeply rooted in Hindu mythology and is performed with fervor and devotion during the auspicious occasion of Navratri. For the devotees and Garba lovers, these nine nights hold a special place, offering a unique blend of spirituality, cultural pride, and a sense of community.

Donning colourful and vibrant attire, individuals come together to partake in this rhythmic dance, creating an atmosphere charged with energy and camaraderie. During this time of the year, homes and streets are lit up, people buy new clothes for themselves and their loved ones, and spend the days with a lot of joy and togetherness.

navratri garba last day dance

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The craze of this festival is truly unparalleled. People literally wait for Navratri to come and practice their Garba steps prior as well as keep their outfits ready as per the ‘colour of the day.’ One such Navratri and Garba fan is content creator Kanchi Sharma. Her content encompasses fashion, beauty, lifestyle and of course, dance. Kanchi is a gifted dancer and she also conducts workshops. Kanchi has created some stunning Navratri looks and shot amazing content around it that is definitely worth a watch.

kanchi sharma navratri garba dance

The Social Nation team had a chat with Kanchi. She gave tips and highlighted how one can make the most of this festival. Read on to know more:

How does a newbie break into Mumbai’s Garba celebrations? Is there anything they can do to prepare for their first time?

“I think if a newbie wants to join Garba then first he/she should practice a few steps before coming because they might get overwhelmed by all the people and steps they do. And they should also eat enough before coming because it gets really tiring!!”

What was different or unique about this year’s Navratri celebrations?

“I think for me what was different was that I danced and went for garba a lot more than I usually do and that made me so happy! For sure going to continue this next year and go as much as possible because these 9 days are not coming back.”

We noticed a lot of creators, including you, came together to celebrate Navratri. How was your experience? What was the response from your fans?

“I danced with so many creators and that was really interesting and obviously a lot of fun! Teaching the ones who don’t know how to play is even more fun! Met so many of my followers at Garba events and that made me so happy!!! Seeing them there and then dancing with them was the best.”

Tell us about the happiest moment that you experienced this week.

“Happiest experience this week has to be just dancing the night away!!!! I love dancing and doing this with all my loved ones and during my favourite festival is literally the cherry on the top.”

Does one need to be a dancer, like you, to enjoy Navratri celebrations? What do you recommend to someone who wants to feel the vibes, without the dancing?

“Absolutely not, in fact, there are so many non-dancers who are so good at Garba, they ace every step. And if someone wants to feel the vibes without dancing then just wear pretty outfits, dress up, and eat a lot of yummy food.”

What was your favorite look from the week? Break down what made you choose it. and share a photo 🥰

“My favourite look from the week has to be the one reel I made with my creator friend Sahil. We went all out for that reel and totally enjoyed the process of shooting it. We wanted to portray the perfect Navratri vibe and I think the look did justice to it.”

Shouldn’t we all learn to enjoy the spirit of this stunning festival the way Kanchi does? The nine nights of Navratri come to an end today. So dress up and dance your heart out to the electrifying beats of Gujarati folk songs as you celebrate this festival wholeheartedly.