The vibrant festival of Navratri is coming to an end and if so are your clothing options, worry not! You have a fashion friend in the form of Vidhi Shah, who is here to help you ace your Navratri outfits in the last few days. Vidhi Shah is a fashion creator who has mastered the DIY skills. She can transform any boring piece of clothing into a spectacular outfit in no time. Her charming smile topped with an insane amount of talent, make’s Vidhi a certified friend to help with the outfits for the Navratri finale nights. Join us as Vidhi Shah spills some secrets on how to look your glam best this festive season.

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SN: How do you incorporate traditional elements into your Navratri outfits while still staying on-trend?

Vidhi: I prefer to choose classic silhouettes with a modern twist. For example, instead of a traditional chaniya choli, you could opt for a flared skirt with a crop top or a lehenga with a basic tank top and drape a traditional dupatta finishing the look!  I like to experiment with traditional fabrics and prints and lastly putting the entire thing together with loads and loads of junk jewellery 

SN: Can you share your go-to colour combinations or styles that you feel are perfect for Navratri celebrations?

Vidh: I feel Navratri is all about Blings and Colours, there is a never ending scope to combine different colour combinations and i really like to explore that! Having said that, this season, I am really inclined towards the combination of Blue with Yellow!

Coming to a style which I feel is perfect for Navratri, is anything which has a touch of boho in it! That never goes wrong!

Vidhi Shah shares Navratri fashion tips

SN: How do you balance comfort and style when selecting outfits for the energetic and vibrant Navratri dances?

Vidhi: I always prefer to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics. We tend to sweat a lot, so it’s important to choose fabrics that will keep me cool and comfortable. Cotton, linen, and rayon are all good choices. I make sure I need to be able to move freely and comfortably when I am dancing, so I avoid clothing that is too tight or restrictive.

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I avoid wearing heavy jewellery or accessories that could get in my way while dancing. Instead, I opt for lightweight jewellery and accessories that will add a touch of style to my outfit . I have been loving handmade cloth jewellery. It’s soo light weighted and just maintains the traditional essence!

SN: Are there specific fabrics or textures that you find work well for Navratri clothing?

Vidhi: Fabrics such as Cotton, Linen, Rayon, Chiffon, Georgette works really well and are preferably light in weight. I like to add different textures and works to my look, from bandhani, leheriya, patoda to thread, mirror, zari work. I also like to use embellishments, such as embroidery, patch work, shell work, sequins, and beads, to add a touch of glamour to my outfits.

SN: Do you have any tips for mixing and matching different pieces to create versatile Navratri looks?

Vidhi: Start with a basic piece. This could be a simple kurta, a plain lehenga, or a basic saree. Once you have a basic piece, you can start to add other pieces to create different looks.

Play with colour and texture. Mix and match different colours and textures to create unique and eye-catching looks.

Accessorise wisely. The right accessories can really elevate your look. Try adding a statement necklace, a pair of earrings, or a headband to your outfit. You could also add a scarf or dupatta to your outfit.

SN: How do you stay true to your personal style while embracing the festive spirit of Navratri?

Vidhi: I try to choose outfits that I feel comfortable and confident in. This is the most important thing. After all, I want to enjoy myself and have fun. I Incorporate traditional elements into my outfits in a way that feels authentic to me. 

We love the DIY shoes Vidhi Shah did for Navratri

Wearing Sports Shoes is my go to thing. I can dance my heart out without having those bruised feet! I love giving my own touch with some DIY’s and one of my recent DIY’s which I am so proud about is transforming my worn out sneakers into new Navratri Sneakers which is modern but gives that authentic traditional touch and comfort at the same time.

As Navratri is nearing the dawn, our hearts sink thinking about how we will have to wait one whole year to experience this fun. Vidhi Shah however has filled us up with a renewed sense of fashion and we honestly cannot wait to adhere to all these tips and tricks to stand out in the crowd for the last few times. Even though we have loved all her expert tips, tell us about your favourite in the comments below.