Every year, the Cosmopolitan Bloggers Awards honour the top and most important bloggers in a variety of categories, including fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel. One of the most well-known women’s publications in the world, Cosmopolitan, presents the awards.

The awards honour writers who have significantly impacted the blogging world with their inspiring and innovative posts, vibrant social media presence, and capacity for audience engagement. The awards programme is a much-anticipated occasion in the blogging community because it gives bloggers a venue to present their work, network with other bloggers, and be recognised for their accomplishments.

Here are few of the winners from the list of the winners who won at blogger awards last night.

Lifestyle Influencer of the year (female)

Kritika Khurana who is famous by her name That BohoGirl is a lifestyle blogger and won the lifestyle influencer award female at the Cosmopolitan Blogger Awards 2023.

Fashion Influencer of the year (Editor’s choice)

Shakti Singh Yadav is the Februaryboy who won the editor’s choice award at the Cosmopolitan Awards yesterday.

Best Food Blogger of the year

Shivesh Bhatia

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LGBTQ Voice of the year

Sushant Divigkr

Comic of the year (female)

Ankita Sahigal, the favourite Mintu didi of all won the comic of the year!

Travel Influencer of the year

Larissa D’sa, travel and lifestyle influencer has won the award for what she does best- Travel!

Climate Warrior of the year

Aakash Ranison, the environmentalist has won the award among other awards, this year. He is a climate warrior who has been working for climate change and awareness for years now.

Body-Love Influencer of the year

Kusha Kapila, the queen who makes us all laugh has won not one but two awards at the ceremony yesterday- body love influencer of the year and comic influencer of the year.

Sexual Health Influencer of the year

Seema Anand who is hit for her advice won the award for her content- sexual health influencer of the year.

Here you can catch more about the awards and watch the show that happened last night.

The awards were a hit and while these are just a few of the influencers who won there, there were many winners and you can check it out over their profiles.