The fashion world is undergoing a major glow-up thanks to our men, they are slaying the game and showing us all how to level up our fashion sense!

Let’s start by discussing how these masculine men are ditching gender norms and rocking gender-neutral clothing. That’s not all, males are also dominating and becoming the kings of fashion, and let’s not forget about how they know to rock a sporty, laid-back look with a dash of designer luxury and they’re inspiring us all to step up our streetwear game and look fly.

Hey, hey, hey that’s not all! So, today Social Nation had the opportunity to interview these six male fashion influencers, and we asked them questions that we know you’ll find interesting. And let us tell you, their responses were off the charts!

Viraj Desai

Viraj Desai is an influencer who is breaking all the rules when it comes to fashion!

He is renowned for his bold approach to fashion and for not being afraid to experiment with various looks. Viraj constantly pushes the boundaries and creates original outfits that encourage others to follow, whether it be with long skirts, incredibly baggy pants, or mixing and matching various prints and colors.

Men’s Fashion in 2023: “I think fashion for Indian men has been shifting from wearing regular basic wear to more of trying out streetwear lately but more men need to experiment with fashion and their style!

My Personal Style: “I’m still experimenting with my personal style some days I like to go with a very minimalist look and some days I just like to be a little extra! I think right now I’m enjoying more Japanese-inspired fashion.

In a world where conformity often rules supreme, Viraj’s fearless and unapologetic approach to fashion is refreshing and inspiring!

Vishal Prajapati

Vishal Prajapati has a knack for wearing color-blocked clothing pieces that create an aesthetically pleasing pinterest-looking profile!

Vishal dresses in bright shirts, sweaters, and accessories that add a pop of color. He enjoys using a variety of patterns and colors to create unique looks, and his outfit selections are always vibrant and exciting. He frequently dons outfits with different colors with striking and contrasting combinations.

Men’s Fashion in 2023: “Younger generations of Indian men are increasingly experimenting with different types of clothing, from sportswear and casual wear to high-end designer labels. This has led to a greater diversity of styles and choices in the Indian fashion market.”

My Personal Style: “Casual, Classic, Colorful

His fashion choices are a perfect reflection of his personality: bold, playful, and unapologetically himself and we can’t wait to see what he has in store next!

Aryan Singh

Aryan Singh is not afraid to push boundaries and take risks when it comes to his style!

His choices in clothing are all about expressing himself and defying conventional fashion rules. He enjoys blending and matching various textures and patterns to produce a distinctive appearance that is entirely his own. He doesn’t hesitate to wear anything that could be viewed as “out there”.

Men’s Fashion in 2023: “Fashion for Indian men has undergone a dramatic change, not only in streetwear looks but also in ethnic and futuristic outfits. This change has completely transformed my life and lifestyle. In the past, men were limited to just tees and jeans, shirts and pants, but now they are wearing everything and surprisingly killing those looks.”

My Personal Style: “As for my personal style, it is simple yet trendy and can be carried by anyone. It is not only affordable but also effective in creating a stylish look. I believe in simple but effective outfits that can make a statement without being too loud.”

So go no further than Aryan if you’re seeking some unconventional wardrobe ideas. His outrageous sense of style will certainly wow you and motivate you to experiment with your own outfit.

Prateek Chauhan

Hold onto your hats folks, because we’re about to introduce you to one of the hottest fashion influencers in town – Prateek Chauhan, aka lensbehindlens. He’s been killing the Instagram fashion game with his quirky sense of style and we can’t get enough of it!

He isn’t scared to take chances or go against conventional fashion rules. He constantly makes a statement with his clothing, whether it’s in bold designs or vibrant patterns. He wears the newest and best sunglasses, caps, and jewelry, and let’s not forget about his love for accessories.

Men’s Fashion in 2023: “According to me, people have stopped caring about what others think and started wearing what they want, how they want, and when they want and that has changed the entire fashion game in India.”

My Personal Style: “I still don’t know the answer to this but I like to believe that my personal style lies between a wide spectrum ranging from classic to avant-garde.”

So, if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration that is quirky, bold, and totally unique, trust him for that and you won’t be disappointed!

Jeet Tailor

Jeet Tailor is not afraid to take risks and experiment with different colors and patterns, and we’re totally here for it!

Making an impression is the key to Jeet’s fashion as he enjoys using vibrant colors and combining various patterns to produce looks that are entirely original, but it just doesn’t end here cause he is always on the hunt for the most Instagrammable spots in town, and he’s often spotted at the coolest cafes.

Men’s Fashion in 2023: “I believe that the fashion scene for Indian men has undergone a significant transformation lately. As a content creator, my primary objective is to educate my audience on dressing well and showcase the type of menswear that should be worn for various occasions.

In my opinion, men have realized the significance of looking presentable and putting their best foot forward in every situation. The advantages of doing so are immense, ranging from creating a desirable and lasting impression during initial interactions with others to impressing business professionals or even one’s crush haha 😛

My Personal Style: “When it comes to my personal style, I am inclined towards an old-world charm with a classic preppy vibe. My fashion sense is understated, sophisticated, and primarily neutral. I tend to gravitate towards clean designs and patterns that have elements in them, which make the garment stand out as a statement piece.”

For those looking to add some spice to their fashion game, Jeet’s simple yet effective outfits are definitely worth a try. So, go ahead, take some inspiration from this fashion maverick, and make your fashion game strong!


Adarsh Vadhel’s fashion philosophy is all about being comfortable and confident in your skin!

Adarsh knows how to present himself well, whether it’s for a professional business meeting, a classy dinner date, or a relaxed brunch with friends. He is a true fashion icon due to his love of layering, preference for eco-friendly fashion, and adaptability in his choice of outfit.

Men’s Fashion in 2023: “For Indians, it is crucial to have inspiration in the fashion world to broaden their knowledge of how to wear clothes. I believe that everyone should seek inspiration to elevate their personal style and boost their confidence.

My Personal Style: “When I first started paying attention to my fashion choices, I sought inspiration to boost my confidence and improve my style. It’s important to wear clothes that complement your look and personality. Dressing well not only boosts your confidence but also leaves a lasting impression on others.

Adarsh’s fashion advice will have you covered whether you’re searching for a style that is a little more creative. Who knows, you just might become the next style icon with his advice!

We can’t help but be amazed by the audacity, confidence, and originality of these male influencers who are revolutionizing the fashion business as we come to a close with our investigation of them.

One outfit at a moment, they are definitely shattering gender stereotypes and redefining what it means to be chic and fashionable. Each of these men has demonstrated that fashion is about self-expression and individuality, whether it be through Viraj’s fearless experimentation with prints and fabrics, Prateek’s quirky and unconventional approach, or Jeet’s confident and bold use of colors.

We’re eager to see what new trends and fashions they’ll be establishing later on!