Clubhouse introduced a new feature for better sound quality, Music Mode! The drop-in audio app even improvised the Universal Search feature to give users a better experience. Currently available on iOS, Music Mode will soon be rolled out on Android.

Music Mode

As per Clubhouse Knowledge Center, “Music mode is a new setting that enables musicians to sound their best when they perform on Clubhouse. When activated, it reconfigures the app to optimize for music rather than voice capture, including support for stereo audio. This results in a broadcast of similar quality to a studio recording. It also allows for the use of pro audio equipment, e.g., external USB microphones or mixing boards.”

Now broadcast your music with high quality and great stereo sound! Be it workshopping a new song, playing piano, or hosting a jam session with your friends, Music Mode will enhance your sound quality.

Source: Clubhouse Knowledge Center

Steps To Activate Music Mode

  1. When you’re speaking in a room, simply tap the three-dots menu
  2. Next, tap on ‘Audio Quality’ given in the menu
  3. Lastly, choose the ‘Music’ option from the quality selector. You can switch back to Normal mode at any time.

Clubhouse Blog states, “You’ll also be able to hear stereo audio whether you use headphones, a speaker, or just your phone. We’ve also added stereo support to Clips, so any snippets you share from performers using Music Mode will also sound great!”

Updating Universal Search

To make it easier for users to find their particular creator or room, Clubhouse has made some updates to the Universal Search feature. The improvements include moving the search bar to the top of the hallway for easy access. Clubhouse Blog points out, “To start searching, just scroll to the top of your hallway for the search bar. And bonus – you’ll now be able to wave at your friends directly from Search on iOS (and this will be coming to Android soon)!”

Clubhouse Rolls
Source: Clubhouse Blog

So, these were the new updates on Clubhouse. Also, check out Clubhouse Introduces 3 New Features: Universal Search, Clips & Replay for more information on the Search tool.