After an extensive consumer listening and taking into consideration several feedback, Clubhouse has finally rolled out the ‘dark mode’ feature on iOS and Android devices.

Making it official, Clubhouse mentioned in its blog that the users, especially, the night owls, would be witness to light, but not too light, UI of the app which would also help in save some of the phone’s battery life too. Although late to the party, Clubhouse received numerous call for ‘dark mode’ update on social media through user tweets and complaints.

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How to enable ‘dark mode’ –

  1. Go to Settings

2. Select ‘Dark Mode’

3. Users can also choose between ‘Always Dark Mode’ or ‘User Devise Setting’ matching your devise setting or whatever your phone is doing at that moment.

Clubhouse has aloso alerted its users about the limited roll out of the feature and that it will be introduced to all devices in a phase-wise manner.