Let’s start moving our feet to the music!

We wish to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of people who work in the field of choreography all across the world today, January 9, 2023, which is International Choreographers Day.

The field of choreography combines dance, performance, and creativity; it’s an art form that requires skill, work, and dedication. Let’s take a minute to appreciate the commitment of this generation of outstanding dancers and the inspiring stories they’ve shared through their dance to make International Choreographers Day possible:

Himanshu Dulani

Himanshu Dulani is a multi-talented artist who choreographs and dances to popular songs, creating upbeat dance moves for his followers to enjoy.

Himanshu makes his choreography available for anyone to imitate on his YouTube channel, Himanshu Dulani, where he swiftly rose to prominence and gained millions of subscribers.

Sonal Devraj

Sonal Devraj popularly known as Bhaiyajismile is a model, dancer, and choreographer who has garnered a large following on social media. She is also known for being the co-founder of @teamnaach and @totalpataka.

Sonal has a strong background in Bharatnatyam and is skilled in various dance styles, including hip-hop, modern, and classical. She has gained a large following on her YouTube channel, Sonal Devraj.

Pavan Rao

Pavan Rao is a well-known street performer who has also made an appearance in the movie, ABCD 2, and he has accomplished a lot, including @officialmrindia 2017 winner @nbcworldofdance S3 world champion and @officialhhi 2015.

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Vrushika Mehta

In the world of social media, Vrushika Mehta gets her followers captivated, all thanks to her enormous talent and originality, which have allowed her to amuse many people and win many hearts.

She also has a YouTube channel, Vrushika Mehta where she displays her dancing skills, enjoys a large following, and has performed choreography for many hit songs.

Mohan Pandey

In the field of dance, Mohan Pandey is both a well-known performer and choreographer. He represents @kings_united_india and has received numerous awards, including @nbcworldofdance S3 and World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2015.

He also has a popular YouTube channel, Mohan Pandey where he showcases his dance skills and performs choreography for many popular songs. Mohan is one of the selected few who has been able to convert his audience into fans.

Tanya Sharma

Tanya Sharma has a tonne of expressiveness inside her that she uses to express herself through dancing. She has mesmerizing dancing moves that make it impossible not to be spellbound by her performance!

Tanya also has a YouTube channel, Sharma Sisters where she has amassed many subscribers and showcases her dancing skills.