It’s a common phenomenon in places the internet messaging service is shut down for some time when there is any crisis or tension going on in the area that causes problems and discomfort to people in the area. WhatsApp has decided to solve it for people.

The service for instant messaging users of WhatsApp can connect using proxy servers so they can continue using the internet even if the internet is restricted or disrupted by shutdowns.

The technology giant, which is owned by Meta, expressed its wish that blackouts like those in Iran “never occur” once more. In order to enable individuals to “connect freely,” WhatsApp is asking its global community to volunteer proxies. The company also promised to provide instructions on how to set one up.

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It wrote that using a proxy maintained the same high degree of security and privacy that WhatsApp offers. Your private messages will still be secured by end-to-end encryption, ensuring that they remain private between you and the recipient and are not accessible to any third parties, including proxy servers, WhatsApp, or Meta. It will enable people around the world to maintain connections even if certain malevolent actors limit their internet access.