When you visit YouTube today, you’ll notice that the logo is slightly different from what you’re used to seeing. Instead of just the familiar play button, dancers are now performing alongside it. That’s why they are taking a minute on International Choreographers Day to honor the diverse group of choreographers welcoming viewers from around the world into their studios. 

The choreography community on YouTube is enormous in scale, with over 35,000 channels from 130 different nations. Over 180 of them have attracted a million or more subscribers. One rationale for their appeal is that since most choreography videos are primarily concerned with routines and music, anyone, anywhere may enjoy them. Fans can easily switch from Argentina’s Emir Abdul Gani, the US’s Matt Steffanina, Korea’s 1Million Dance Studio, Team Naach from India, and so on and so forth.

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However, there is undoubtedly a lot more going on than just everyone knowing what is happening in these videos. In addition to displaying outstanding skills that compel viewers to get up and dance, choreo videos frequently include studio dancers who strengthen viewers’ bonds with popular tunes.

“While today’s choreography videos have a look and feel that’s instantly recognizable, it wasn’t always this way. Over the years, creators have worked to develop a distinct aesthetic that has become an artform in its own right. In this video, we unpack how we got here and why this aesthetic is so important, with insights from top choreography creators like Steffanina, Team Naach, Tim Milgram and Kyle Hanagami.”, wrote YouTube blog.

With more creators and choreographers and dancers, we hope you get some energy to groove on your moves and draw your attention from YouTube and our blogs about creators and dancers.