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There are advertisements that make us understand the product and then there are as that makes us feel, understand and value emotions. The advertisements by some brands that make us more inclined towards emotion are mostly more effective as they not only value their product but also human behavior and emotions.

Here are a few ads that have gone a step ahead to make us feel the importance of our loved ones and how a product can bring you closer to your loved ones.


OnePlus has a strategy that tries to make a change- one ad at a time. Their latest advertisement has a message for y’all. Check it out.

This festive season, Shahid Kapoor and Mira Kapoor are here to remind everyone to just #StayConnectedStaySmarter!

This advertisement has got us thinking are we really spending a lot of time with our loved ones in this gadget-driven world?

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Cadbury has our heart- with their sweetness and their advertising. The recent ad shows how the politician is talking to his bodyguard about his daughter’s result.

Giving requires relatively little effort. Sometimes, all that matters is expressing happiness for someone else. Participating in their celebration. approving it, joining them in their dancing, their laughter, and their joy. It requires very little of us but provides for them far more.

Kabhi kissi aur ki khushi mein shaamil hokar dekhiye.

There another advertisement last year valued the local retailer over brands and it was done and promoted by Shah Rukh Khan that made a big difference.

“Here’s how we made our Cadbury ad with India’s biggest brand ambassador as the brand ambassador for small, local stores. This is why we’ve called it Not Just A Cadbury Ad. #Diwali #Diwali2021 #CadburyCelebrations #KuchAcchaHoJayeKuchMeethaHoJaaye #NotJustACadburyAd


Netflix has made its advertisments according to the fact that the OTT platform is available for everyone with choices of everyone.


An advertisement for Colgate shows how the beauty is in the beholder’s eyes and not someone else.

A revolution in teeth whitening is here — Colgate Visible White O2, a transformative product that whitens teeth in just 3 days*. With a unique active oxygen technology, it unlocks radiance and enhances your smile, as you courageously face the world and #SmileOutLoud.

Tell us about more advertisements that you know are heartwarming and worth the difference and not just advertising.