With the new update, you will be able to choose numerous recipients when sending a LinkedIn post, with the option to either send the post to each recipient individually or start a new chat group with the chosen users. To include your own ideas or points, you can also include a personal note with your letter.

You could use this to introduce connections to each other based on common interests, which could be a good way to promote engagement and spark more in-depth discussions in the app.

multiple members at once on linkedin

Along with its ‘Focused Inbox’ approach, which divides your Inbox messages into ‘Featured’ and ‘Other’ folders, which can also help to streamline interaction, LinkedIn recently added new DM tagging options to help categorize your messages.

Every platform is now working to optimize DM sharing and offer more methods to lean into more private engagement behavior as more social media interactions move to direct messages (DMs).

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Since conversations in the app are up nearly 20% year over year, according to a recent LinkedIn report, the company is now seeking to enhance its DM options and encourage even more of these conversations.

Users can also share content with particular groups of individuals rather than their entire network thanks to the LinkedIn feature. Users who want to share updates that might not be pertinent to their entire network or who want to target particular people or organizations will find this feature to be especially helpful.

Users now have more control over who views their updates thanks to this new feature, which also enables them to better target their content to particular audiences. Additionally, it’s an excellent method to maintain contact with a more specialized, select group of professionals in your network.

People are increasingly turning away from public posting and the anxiety that can accompany it in favor of private group sharing, which LinkedIn hopes to make easier with this upgrade. The new multi-forwarding feature will be available to all users starting this week on LinkedIn.