Indian dance songs and dance moves can stop anyone stop and stare and internationals who’ve cracked that theory are just going places. The latest international guests and dancers who are in India are viral Kala Chashma performers- Quick Style dance group!

If you do not know about them, Quick style is a popular dance group that was founded in Norway in 2006. The group is known for its unique and energetic dance style that blends different street dance styles, such as hip-hop, house, and jazz-funk.

Quickstyle has gained popularity in the dance community due to its impressive choreography and high-energy performances. They’ve also choreographed for the famous Korean singer group- BTS.

Their Indian choreography on Kala Chashma went viral and after that, they did not stop choosing the best Indian dance numbers and performing them and gaining love all the way from India.

Quickstyle was founded in Norway in 2006 by Suleman Malik, Nasir Sirikhan, and Bilal Malik. The three friends shared a passion for dance and decided to form a group to showcase their unique style. The group quickly gained popularity due to their impressive dance skills and energetic performances.

Quickstyle’s dance style is a fusion of different street dance styles, including hip-hop, house, and jazz-funk. The group is known for its fast and energetic movements, acrobatic and gymnastic moves, and unique choreography. Quickstyle’s dance routines are performed to upbeat and fast-paced music, showcasing the technical skill and athleticism of the dancers.

Now that Quick Style is in Mumbai, they are making content that is relatable and with a bang, they started with content in the heart of Mumbai- Mumbai local train!

Virat Kohli X Quick Style

The dancing team did a collaboration with the coolest cricketer and it is nothing but so much fun to see them come together.

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Suniel Shetty X Quick Style

This one is a crossover you did not know you needed to see but here you go. Suniel Shetty coming together with this cool young dance group and performing on Aankhon mein Base ho Tum.

Before these collaborations, they also had an interaction with creators in an event with Meta and creators.

Other than fun collaboration dance reels, the group also performed at Market City Phoenix yesterday, and the public loved their interaction.

Dancers all over the world are inspired and influenced by Quickstyle, which has a tremendous influence on the dance community. The group has developed a devoted following as a result of its distinctive aesthetic and dynamic performances, which have also raised the profile of street dance in popular culture.

In addition to giving dance performances, Quickstyle has taught seminars and master classes to aspiring dancers, passing along their expertise. The group has become a popular choice for dance events and festivals all over the world thanks to its dedication to promoting street dancing and fostering individuality and originality.

The Quick Style group is dancing it out with all the energy and it is so fun to watch. Keep following Social Nation to know more about their updates.