On World Music Day, Zing released a special surprise for all the K-Pop fans in association with Arjun Kanungo. Zing Fan Jam Level 2 allowed the top two fans of Arjun, Sneha Narayanswamy and Aaditya Chaudhari the opportunity to create a cover with him. They jammed on the Hindi song ‘Tere Sang Yaara’ and gave a Korean touch to it with added verses, thus, making it the ultimate Indian-Korean fusion.

Released on June 21, 2021, the song received around 25K views on Zing’s YouTube channel and more than 14K views on Arjun’s Instagram. The mashup was recorded, arranged, mixed, and mastered by Ashish Jha. The music label goes to Zee Music Corp. Before the release of the actual cover, Zing had also shared a pretty exciting teaser!

Now, aren’t you curious about some behind-the-scenes of the jamming session? Then, let’s take a sneak peek into it!

Sneha and Aaditya definitely looked like they were into the musical moment. She’s a playback singer, musician, and a huge fan of K-Pop and K-Dramas. Like her, he too is a singer, musician, and owns a YouTube channel with 265 subscribers. On Instagram, Sneha has 1,018 followers and Aaditya has 289 followers. Let’s watch how they felt about winning the chance to perform with Arjun Kanungo!

With Zing’s attempt, these underrated artists got a golden chance to perform with India’s one of the most popular singers. It’s truly great to see this, and also the incorporation of Korean culture into Indian is a wonderful move. I must say, Zing exceeded my level of expectations in creating this jamming session on World Music Day. It’s truly a gifted pleasure to see!