Saurabh Ghadge (@saurabhghadge_vines) who has been blessing our feeds with his comedy and relatable (reel-atable) content is now unleashing his creativity with brands too. Shortly after Ghadge shot to fame during the lockdown period, he started receiving requests from brands for paid collaborations. And why wouldn’t he? After all, not always do you come across someone so versatile that he can turn any situation into a humorous one (literally!). We previously covered Saurabh Ghadge Breaks Internet With His Comedy (click here to know more). In this article let’s have a look at the best of Saurabh Ghadge and brand collaborations.

Mumbai Indians

Cricket is a forever mood in India and nothing dominates the cricket culture in our country than IPL. In fact Saurabh has already chosen his favourite side:


KFC is finger licking good but with Saurabh it is hilariously good! Watch him in the latest #KFCHomeFlicks campaign.

Jio Saavn TV

If songs could literally change your mood Only your father knows how to handle your mood swings perfectly. Happy Father’s Day🥰”. Watch Saurabh describe JioSaavn’s new feature Jio Saavn TV in his own style!

Mi Music Fest 

We all know people who are reel addicts and the BTS of reels are insanely funny. To promote Mi Music Fest Saurabh and Karan Sonaware (@focusedindian) have come up with their own crafty tactic using reel addiction to gain traction. 

Dom on Amazon Prime 

#DOMOnPrime is a common sight on Instagram nowadays. Dom, is a Portuguese show newly released on Prime which is being promoted throughout the digital media. Watch Saurabh and his ‘dad’ doing their bit in marketing it. 

While you take a moment to enjoy these collabs all we can say is Saurabh Ghadge and Brands are only getting creative with time.