The infamous content creator, Apoorva Makhija, popularly known as The Rebel Kid is back with yet another hilarious and scenic travel vlog series! This time it’s #RebelInEurope. With 1.5 Million followers on Instagram, Apoorva entertains her fans with content that often brings laughter. Her audience highly appreciates her direct approach and humour. As her Instagram bio suggests, her mantra is “Downfall me bhi masti rukni nahi chahiye,” a trait that many of us harbour within.

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Rebel Travels

Recapping a bit on her previous travel vlog series, Apoorva started this format through her daily Thailand vlogs. Later, she took a trip to Goa with her cousins and met Jatin Parmar at a club randomly. She followed him, but wouldn’t reply as she felt he was too “chep” (clingy).

However, after two years, Jatin texted her “Bali ja rha hoon, par koi saathme jaane ko nahi hai.” Surprisingly, she said yes, as she came out of a 4.5-year relationship on a rough note and wanted to start fresh. After this trip, they made a pact to take at least one trip every year. And here they are with the new travel series ‘Rebel In Europe.’

Day 1

And the trip begins. While she could pack with subtle yet not-so-bulky clothes, she chose to be aesthetic instead. Apoorva packed 75 outfits for 25 days and left for her Europe trip. There she met Jatin and headed to board their flight. But looking at their passport history, the airline executive asked “What do you even do for a living?” to which Apoorva replied that he was a content creator and joked that Jatin is living his life on his father’s money.

Following her previous ritual, she had a beer before boarding her flight at 5:30 am. Later, they boarded the flight and reached Istanbul, their 1st destination. But they couldn’t head further easily as there was a high alert. So what did they do later?

Day 2

After a 7-hour long flight to Istanbul, they got to know that Turkey was on a ‘shut down’ for May Day Massacre protests, resulting in no taxis. However, they did eventually get one and reached their hotel. They hopped onto the dining area and stuffed themselves. Next, they took a refreshing massage & headed to explore Istanbul starting with a rooftop hotel with a scenic view.

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Day 3

It’s a new day for new adventures. Not a great fan of monuments altogether but as aesthetics matter, Apoorva & Jatin started their day by visiting Topkapi Palace. However, when they reached there, they got to know that the place was under construction. Facing an expectations vs. reality situation, they headed next to Istanbul’s famous Blue Mosque. Later, they headed for a sunset cruise, but little did they know that they had chosen the wrong day to watch a mesmerizing sunset. By the end of the day, they headed to have dinner & were all pumped for their next destination.

Day 4

Welcome to Cappadocia, the second destination on their journey. They came to Turkey to experience the epic hot air balloon ride at sunset in Cappadocia. However, due to bad weather, the ride was cancelled. Disappointed, they planned to drink and go horse riding, but security concerns nixed that idea. Finally, they booked an ATV ride and watched the sunset from a random hill. Despite the setbacks, something brought their trip back on track. What was it? Let’s find out!

Day 5

Looking back at the shenanigans from the previous vlog, this one is going to be epic. That evening, Apoorva and Jatin bought booze and met an Indian family, turning it into a family affair. After dinner, they randomly met the ‘Istanbul airport boomers,’ who informed them that the hot air balloon was shut for three days. To lift their spirits, they all headed to a club, where Apoorva requested the DJ to play Punjabi music, setting the right vibe. “It’s never about the place, but the people.

Day 6

Waking up to rain, they explored their stay, Hezen Cave Hotel, which felt like a Pinterest board with its eye-catching aesthetics. After the rain stopped, Apoorva and Jatin headed to a Sunset Point cafe with their new friends. Snapping countless photos, they were mistaken for celebrities. Later, they enjoyed a Hammam bath, then packed and left for their next destination.

Day 7

Being daunted by a 12-hour-long uncomfortable bus ride, they reached Antalya. Upon arrival, they promptly checked into Akra Hotel, which provided a comforting atmosphere, stunning views, delicious food, and, most importantly, a comfortable bed! Afterwards, they dressed up and made their way to a stylish pirate ship for a boat party. Here, they decided to try snorkelling at the suggestion of others. Embracing the essence of a perfect summer day, the boat hosted an exciting FOAM PARTY, and they danced like never before.

Day 8

First things first, Apoorva and Jatin rented a convertible car and went for a long drive, with her being the passenger princess. FOMO hit, and she took the wheel, feeling like the baddie she calls herself. They reached a spot that looked like the Maldives but was actually a hotel’s private area. Both of them were indirectly asked to leave but the duo decided to savour the wide buffet spread which cost 5,000 euros per person. They filled their plates thrice, making it worth every penny.

Day 9

It’s time for Paris! Their sole purpose for being in this exquisite city was to meet the Mother, the iconic singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift! As “Reputation” was her favourite album, Apoorva wore the same black dress as Swift. The excitement levels were already through the roof before stepping into the arena. Taylor captivated the audience with her stunning performance, leaving Rebel Kid emotional. Apoorva jotted down a sweet and emotional message that every Swiftie will cherish forever.

Day 10

After living her and 94773477 Swifties’ dream, Apoorva & Jatin set off on a segway tour, where Apoorva faced a slight challenge as she was inexperienced in riding a bicycle. Luckily, the instructor guided her through it. They glided on the segway for a full 2 hours, exploring all the tranquil Paris locations. Adding to the excitement, they ventured into the Louis Vuitton (LV) store in Paris and felt ‘gareeb‘ for a moment.

No matter how chaotic her trip gets, Apoorva gives her followers the most entertaining content. Plus, her fashion game and aesthetics were always on point! She’s one of the most loved creators for a reason. We have thoroughly enjoyed this vlog series. We assure you that you will too. So, what are you waiting for? Go check it out now!