Prajakta Koli, affectionately known as MostlySane, has become an embodiment of creativity, innovation, and boundless vitality. Her achievements span across YouTube, acting, and her latest endeavor—novel writing. The Social Nation team recently had the delightful privilege of engaging in a conversation with this charming and radiant artist for Book Lovers Day and our discussion revolved around her upcoming book titled ‘Too Good To Be True,‘ a heartwarming love story between Aman and Avni.

Prajakta’s journey, progressing from Radio Jockey to a celebrated entertainer, showcases her unwavering determination and resilience in pursuing her dreams. With this spirit, she has smoothly transitioned from the online sphere to the silver screen, leaving an unforgettable mark. Now, she’s all set to capture the world of books, ready to show her amazing storytelling skills. Here are some interesting bits from our chat that give you a peek into her exciting journey.

Our anticipation for Prajakta’s book soars even higher, especially with her recent exciting Instagram announcement that her very own creation will be published by Harper Collins:

SN: Were you always a voracious reader? Which are some of your favorite childhood comics/novels that you wouldn’t mind reading even today?

Prajakta: My relationship with reading has always been on-and-off. I go through phases where I suddenly feel the need for books, and I read them one after another for a few months. Then, there are a few months when I don’t read any books at all. However, I distinctly remember the first book that truly moved me when I was in 9th grade: “The Diary of a Young Girl,” written by Anne Frank. This powerful narrative has remained ingrained in my memory, and it stands as the only book that I have not only read and re-read but also would happily read again.

SN: This one is for aspiring authors, how did you narrow down on a niche and the title of your book? Can you give us a small peek into the process?

Prajakta: I genuinely don’t think I have any advice for aspiring authors, as I am one myself. I truly don’t know if there is an absolute rhyme or rhythm to it. I believe I shouldn’t speak up until my work is actually published, and readers have had the opportunity to read it. This way, I’ll have feedback that will help me determine if I can answer this question accurately or if I can add any value.

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SN: According to you, how do books help in life?

Prajakta: I’m quite certain that different books serve different purposes. Personally, I believe that reading a book is the closest and easiest way to meditation for me. Whenever my brain is in chaos and my thoughts are scattered, I find that picking up a book has a calming effect and helps center everything and this is how it benefits me the most. Throughout my upbringing, books have been my go-to for enhancing my language skills and becoming a better speaker. Additionally, they make excellent conversation starters. For example, every time I meet a Murakami (Haruki Murakami) fan, I can sit and talk to them for ages. If I meet a romance fiction enthusiast, I can once again engage in discussions. I’ve had these conversations where we’ve had a great time discussing tropes, our favorite books, and characters. I believe it’s a beautiful way of fostering relationships.

SN: Apart from romance novels, which other genre does ‘Prajakta Koli’ personally love reading?

Prajakta: I have an inclination toward thrillers, although I rarely explore that genre. However, the thrillers I have read, I’ve genuinely enjoyed. Fantasy fiction holds a special place in my heart; without a doubt, the Harry Potter franchise ranks among my favorites. I wouldn’t hesitate to revisit it, given my sincere love for fantasy fiction. Moreover, I’m not quite certain how to categorize Murakami’s books, but whatever that genre is, I love reading them.

SN: Your fans can’t wait for the book to launch, but can you reveal a little more about the plot?

Prajakta: Apparently, I’m not allowed to, and I have already done so on my social media once, so I won’t be making that mistake again. I cannot reveal anything, but that’s the nature of a book—when it comes out, it does, so I’m afraid that I can’t.

Anticipation bubbles as we eagerly await her book release, our excitement growing with each passing moment. Until then, snuggle under your coziest blanket, find a comfy spot, and let your favorite book whisk you away on a magical journey this Book Lovers Day. Discover a world where love and stories blend beautifully, like sipping cocoa with marshmallows.