Imagine a rainy day when raindrops dance outside your window, and you’re cozy indoors. Now, what if I told you that two different things – shoes and food delivery – have come together to make these days even better? Crocs, those comfy shoes you’ve seen, and Zomato, the app that brings favorite foods to your doorstep, have teamed up to make rainy days super cool.

When it’s pouring outside and you want to enjoy your favorite meals without getting wet, Zomato is there to help. And when you need comfy shoes that can handle rain and keep your feet dry, Crocs has got your back. It’s like two friends decided to make rainy days extra awesome.

The Perfect Combo: Crocs X Zomato for Rainy Days!

You know how when it’s raining, you just want to stay snuggled and cozy at home? Well, Crocs are like that cozy feeling for your feet. They’re special shoes that are lightweight, super comfy, and they don’t mind water at all. That means you can step outside, even if it’s all wet, and your feet will stay nice and dry. And guess what? Zomato makes sure your favorite foods come to you, so you don’t have to go out and get soaked.

Now, here’s the really cool part – Crocs and Zomato have joined forces to do something fun! When it’s raining, the people who bring you food from Zomato turn into “Clogs.” It’s like a magic transformation! This collaboration between the two brands turns the Zomato rider into a Clog whenever it rains, using the tagline, ‘Embrace the Rain in Style: Where Iconic Comfort Meets Culinary Fun!’

Sumit Dhingra, Vice President, and General Manager at Crocs India and SEA, said, “Crocs is constantly looking for ways to connect with our consumers in interesting and innovative ways. True innovation to us means not only coming up with new ways for brand engagement but also relevancy to the lives of our consumers. This partnership with Zomato is our way of promoting comfort during the monsoon season and encouraging consumers always to come as they are.” 

Crocs X Zomato
Image Source: Brand Equity

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The Super Cool Crocs Collection

Want to know the best part? You can be a part of this cool team-up too! Crocs made a special collection for rainy days, and it’s really awesome. You can check it out at They’ve got Classic Clogs starting at INR 2,995, and you can even add cool Jibbitz™ charms starting from INR 199.

This collection is like a treasure trove of comfy and stylish shoes perfect for the rainy season. They’re like your trusty sidekick as you venture out into the rainy world, whether it’s to grab a tasty meal or just take a stroll. It’s all about feeling comfy and looking cool, even when the rain is pouring down.

Crocs X Zomato

So, the next time you see raindrops outside your window, think about Crocs and Zomato’s amazing team-up. It’s like a magical story where comfy shoes meet yummy food delivery to create a super cool experience. Remember, you can be a part of this adventure too by checking out the Crocs Monsoon Collection.

Get ready to step out in style, embrace the rain, and enjoy delicious meals brought to you by the fantastic Clogs. It’s a combo that’s all about comfort, fun, and making rainy days a whole lot more awesome!