Slam poetry has gained prominence in India and every time there is a discussion about Indian Slam poets, it can never conclude with speaking about Amandeep Singh, whose words weave mesmerising tales, leaving hearts flutter, far and wide. Amandeep Singh Khayal, with his mastery over language and the art of storytelling, has become a household name in the world of spoken poetry and open mic events.  After touching the lives of people with his words through YouTube and Instagram, Amandeep gears up to win the hearts over again IRL at the Social Nation Festival 2024. 

Meet Amandeep Singh at the Social Nation Festival 2024

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Crafting Epics with Amandeep Singh Khayal

Amandeep Singh shows the power of words. His recent work, including the extremely loved piece Kya Dhoondh Rahe Ho, showcases his ability to stir emotions and provoke introspection through the medium of poetry. Collaborating with talented artists like Hasan and Abhishek Bhutwani his crafts composition transcends mere words, delving into the depths of human experience. 

AmandeepSingh’s performances are marked by sincerity and passion, have earned him accolades from prestigious platforms like Netflix, Buzzfeed India, and Aaj Tak, further cementing his position as a respected artist in the world of storytelling. He has also shared the stage with Rahat Indori Ji at NIT Jamshedpur and has been extensively appreciated for his work by the legend. 

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Social Nation Festival 2024

As the Social Nation Festival 2024 is just around the corner, enthusiasts from around the globe are gearing up for an experience like no other. Asia’s Largest Creators Festival promises to be a celebration of creativity and innovation. As Amandeep Singh Khayal gears up to grace the stage at Social Nation Festival 2024, his presence is sure to illuminate the hearts of attendees, leaving an indelible imprint of his artistry.

With an eclectic lineup of creators spanning various genres, attendees can expect to be entertained by a diverse array of performances, workshops, and interactive sessions. Whether you’re a seasoned content creator or a fervent admirer of digital creators, Social Nation Festival 2024 will offer an unparalleled opportunity to connect, learn, and be inspired.